April 13, 2021

Affected by the cartel ce trucks ask 700 million euros in compensation to manufacturers

Affected by the cartel ce trucks ask 700 million euros in compensation to manufacturers


About 4,500 people affected by all of Spain for the scam of the truck cartel demand compensation for a Total amount of more than 700 million euros for the surcharge they paid when buying their vehicles. In total there are around 7,300 claims involving more than 34,000 trucks. The law firm that takes the case, CSS Abogados, after carrying out its expert calculation, estimates that on average the affected paid for each vehicle 16.35% more than the original price.

According to sources from the law firm, the region with the most vehicles involved in the plot is Catalonia with 5,803 trucks. They are followed by Galicia with 3,980, Castilla y León with 3,497, Comunidad Valenciana with 3,196 and Aragón with 2,850 trucks.

The truck cartel is known for the actions of the manufacturers of these vehicles, Daimler, Iveco, Man, Renault, Volvo, Daf and Scania, which from 1997 to 2011 arranged the prices of medium and high tonnage trucks, a practice what was it «Contrary to free competition». These prices led to an average increase of more than 20% of the real.

For this reason, the European Commission, after several years of investigations, sanctioned in 2016 all the manufacturers involved with a fine of 3,000 million euros. In addition, Brussels also accused the groups deliberately delaying the entry into the market of vehicles with technology to reduce polluting emissions and transfer to consumers the costs of adopting such technology, which amounted to an increase of 5,000 euros.

Favorable precedents

Now a judicial process is opened, which will begin in the commercial courts and, according to the law firm, "presumably will end up in the Provincial Courts, without ruling out that some cases may eventually reach the Supreme Court."

In Spain, there is a precedent favorable to the plaintiff. Specifically, last October Justice condemned the Volvo subsidiary in Spain to pay more than 128,000 euros to a company for the premium that paid this in 2012 the purchase of five trucks. In addition, in Germany, the most affected country, of the nine judgments issued in 2018, eight favored the plaintiff.


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