Affected by subsidy subsidies, they ask Ábalos for an urgent meeting

The platform of affected by the suppression of subsidies for the subsidization of loans for the purchase of protected housing has asked the Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, an urgent meeting to know if the Government intends to recover them.

This request comes after the platform yesterday held a meeting with the Secretary General of Housing, Helena Beunza, who, according to the affected platform, avoided committing to return the subsidy even if the 2019 budgets were approved, which contemplate an increase in 30% in the housing item.

In this context, the platform has called for the recovery of aid to be included in the decree-law on urgent housing measures, which is currently being drafted by an interministerial group.

According to the platform, Beunza said that it will continue to study in the Interministerial Group on Housing Measures and estimated at 665 million euros the amount that would imply the return of the subsidy.

In addition, those affected regret that the electoral program of the Socialist Party in terms of subsidy has no sign of materializing in the direction that the Ministry takes in housing.


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