June 3, 2020

Aerothermal energy quadruples the performance and efficiency of your main heating alternatives

Respect for the environment, the combination of cooling and heating or greater economic savings and energy expenditure are some of the reasons why more and more users are betting on aerothermal installation, a system that is estimated to increase the performance of heating alternatives by 400%, such as gas, diesel or biomass boilers.

But what is aerothermal?

Aerothermal energy is a type of heat pump, which works by obtaining energy in the form of heat from the outside air (hence “aero” – “therm”) to introduce it into the interior of a building.

Its mechanism consists of a refrigeration cycle, as happens with refrigerators, except that, in this case, it can generate both cold and heat; this is so because when it is in heating, the external medium (in this case the air) is responsible for raising the temperature in the cold stage of this cycle, evaporation, while in refrigeration, the cycle and the external medium are inverted it lowers the temperature in the condensation stage, which is known as the hot focus.

With aerothermal systems that combine refrigeration, heating and the ACS system, it has been shown that boiler performance is increased up to 400%, making it a truly beneficial alternative for those who use it to condition their I like your facilities.

An increasingly widespread system in homes

In 2019, there was a strong increase in contacts for the installation of aerothermal systems, a model that, according to expert sources in the sector, will be the predominant one in the coming years in terms of new contracts and renovations for heating and DHW.

Therefore, aerothermal energy is considered as the means of the future to supply air conditioning to homes and premises throughout the country, thanks to its already proven great benefits compared to other options.

Advantages of resorting to aerothermal facilities

There are many benefits of betting on this type of system for both cold and heat, among which the following stand out:

  • Greater profitability: due to its high efficiency and its contained cost compared to other systems such as geothermal energy, it is considered one of the most attractive options for any user, since it has a performance four times greater than any combustion boiler (gas, diesel or biomass) or electric boiler. In this way, despite being a higher investment than most of its alternatives, the disbursement made for this system is offset in a few years. It should be noted that, in most cases, it is safer and more profitable to invest in renewable energy systems (such as aerothermal and photovoltaic) than to invest in equities, bank deposits, investment funds or sovereign debt.
  • Comfort: a system of this type, which maintains a stable temperature throughout the day and distributes the desired temperature evenly, is a plus for the comfort of people who enjoy it.
  • Cooling as well as heating: Another of the great advantages of aerothermal energy is that, in addition to heating, it can cool the spaces through the radiator circuit or underfloor heating, thanks to the possibility of inverting the operating mode.
  • Sustainability: it is estimated that, compared to other heating alternatives, such as those based on natural gas, propane, diesel or electric resistances, CO2 emissions are reduced between 55% and 80% by choosing aerothermal installations.
  • Synergies with photovoltaic installations: in relation to the previous point and given that photovoltaic installations are lately experiencing strong demand, aerothermal installations help to take advantage of the production of solar panels, especially in summer, when there is more solar irradiation available and this It can be used to cool the house “free”.
  • Ready for the future of the energy transition: Europe and other nations are strongly betting on an energy model that eliminates fossil fuels and supplies energy for consumption in heating, transport and electricity in society through renewable energy (wind, photovoltaic) , solar thermal, etc.). For this it is necessary, among others, to electrify the heating of the houses, which is achieved through the use of aerothermal installations.
  • Better energy rating: earning some positions on the energy scale results in various additional benefits, such as a revaluation of the home if you want to sell or lease it.
  • Quick installation and adaptation to previous installations: installations do not usually last more than three days and existing systems such as pipes, underfloor heating or radiators are used.
  • Energy independence: this type of installation helps users and countries to be independent from external energy sources such as natural gas and oil and derivatives, especially when combined with renewable sources such as photovoltaic energy, which results in a less sensitivity to price fluctuations and an increase in GDP.

As you have seen, there are many reasons why more and more people turn to the aerothermal installation through companies such as Enerpop, a benchmark in the sector with extensive experience in these works.

For their commitment to honesty and the environment, respect for regulations and the speed and professionalism of their work, they have maintained their prestige as leaders in aerothermal facilities in recent years.


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