May 12, 2021

AENA warns that the recovery of air traffic may be delayed to 2026




From everything to nothing. From registering historical results in 2019 to reaping losses of 126.8 million euros a year later. The collapse of the transport Aircraft caused by the coronavirus has transformed AENA’s march, which has gone in a few months from drawing up an ambitious investment plan and distributing juicy dividends to focusing on adjusting spending and maximizing income.

The president of the airport manager, Maurici Lucena, has dissected the transformation of the public company at the shareholders’ meeting held this Tuesday. An event carried out electronically in which shareholders in the power of the 87.2% of the group’s share capital.

Lucena wanted to highlight “the ability to adapt to the environment” of the company, despite the fact that the fall in traffic has been greater than expected. But he has also warned that the road has only just begun, because the airport manager does not believe that the air sector reaches
precovid levels until 2025 or even 2026
. Despite this panorama, the president of AENA He has assured that he hopes to recover the dividend of the company “very soon.”

The international employers’ association of the sector, IATA, considers that the levels of 2019 will recover in 2024. And the AENA itself spoke at first of 2025. However, the uncertainty that still surrounds the sector has caused the public company to retouch these forecasts.

“There are well-founded signs that we are approaching the beginning of the end, but it is very difficult to specify when the long-awaited recovery will take place,” Lucena explained. There are also signs for hope. The airlines anticipate a substantial increase in demand during the second half of the summer. And from the public company they consider that ‘sun and beach’ destinations such as Spain will be the protagonists of the summer. “There is a great latent demand,” they point out from the company, which ensures that national traffic will be the last to recover.

In addition to the traffic crash, the pandemic has also sparked a war between
and the tenants of its commercial premises. Lucena has assured that the will of the company is to “reach agreements” and that it has already reached a solution with more than 66% of its start-ups.

Response to Ayuso

«The proposal to modify the rent took into account the decree to support tourism and other decrees. Aena’s proposal is proportional, fair and balanced. It guarantees the viability of the companies “, defended the president of the public company, who has also demanded” the same treatment “for the company’s shareholders as for these tenants.

Regarding the preparation of the second Airport Regulation Document (DORA 2), Lucena has assured that AENA has made a “balanced” proposal and that from the tariff point of view it offers “a path of stability”. “If our plan is fulfilled, the rates in 2026 would remain at the same level as in 2017,” he remarked.
The airlines have criticized that this document includes a 5% rise in rates per passenger
between 2022 and 2026 despite the impact of the pandemic.

Tenants, airlines … and Ayuso. The president of AENA has refuted the criticism of the president of the Community of Madrid, who has affirmed that the Barajas airport has become a “drain” for infected international travelers. Lucena has described criticism of the airport as “demagoguery”. “Despite some libels, controls at Spanish airports have the same level of demand as in the rest of Europe. Imported cases are minimal and it is found that these aerial cases do not have a significant impact on the pandemic, “he stressed.

The medium-term strategy of the public company involves the implementation of a climate plan. AENA will invest 550 million euros between this year and 2030 to achieve carbon neutrality in 2026 and zero emissions in 2040.

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