May 15, 2021

AENA says that 73% of the empty space left by Thomas Cook in the Islands has been covered – La Provincia

The president of AENA, Maurici Lucena, admitted yesterday “maximum concern” since the end of August in the airport manager for the consequences of bankruptcy ofThomas Cookmainly in the archipelagos of the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. However, he recalled that more than 73% of the vacuum left by the tour operator has been covered. “It is a blow that we have all managed effectively together; there were some pressures” whose tone could have been clearly improved. “

The bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, Lucena said yesterday during his participation in the VI Hotusa Explora Tourism Innovation Forum, was one of the great challenges faced by the tourism sector during 2019.

On the problem of the Boeing 737 MAX, a model that remains on the ground since March 2019 after two accidents that left about 350 dead, the president of the airport manager points out that the situation has affected the airlines that have been forced to present growths “more moderate than in the past”, forced to adjust to a limited fleet, which has resulted in “a less expansive flight schedule”, in reference to Norweigan andRyanair.

Thus, he argues that the phenomenon has been “economically counterintuitive”, in the sense that companies have canceled routes that are “less profitable” in the whole, but not “from an individualized point of view.” In addition, he added that, in the case of Spain, if routes are being canceled, it has been for this reason, since “the number of passengers is increasing” in general.


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