Advice against food poisoning – The Province

Advice against food poisoning - The Province

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands has warned on Friday of food intoxications at Christmas and has recommended the proper handling and hygienic preservation of food to prevent problems such as salmonellosis or anisakis.

In a statement, the area led by José Manuel Baltar has advocated the Immediate evisceration of fish, its correct cooking and freezing if consumed raw for the anisakis parasite, which can harm health.

The best way to prevent food poisoning, has outlined the general direction of Public Health, is to adopt elementary prevention measures both in the preparation of food at home, and in the consumption thereof in catering establishments.

Children, pregnant women, elderly and immunosuppressed are the groups at greatest risk against food toxinfecciones and to avoid them is "essential" to comply with hygiene guidelines in handling such as hand washing, protecting wounds, keeping utensils clean and avoiding any direct or indirect contact of raw foods with cooked foods.

During cooking, the note stands out, it must be applied enough heat to ensure the destruction of possible disease-causing germs and, in particular, warned of the "danger" that may be that poultry meats and minced meat are raw or under-cooked.

The high ambient temperature favors the rapid multiplication of bacteria and the formation of toxins in food, so if cooked or prepared foods are not going to be consumed immediately it is "essential" keep them warm or keep them cold.

Foods consumed raw or under-processed pose a greater risk, warns Health, and therefore special precautions must be taken such as purchasing raw materials in good freshness conditions or freeze the fish at -20ºC a minimum of 48 hours to avoid the presence of the anisakis parasite.

Submerge in water with drops of bleach Vegetables that are going to be eaten raw, such as lettuce and tomatoes, and washing them with running water is another recommendation.

Likewise, regarding foods that have as their ingredient the egg They are responsible for numerous cases of salmonellosis every year and we must pay attention to their handling and not acquire eggs whose skin present dirt, cracks or breakage, avoid that the raw come into contact with other foods and not wash the skin.

It is also advisable not to crack the egg on the edge of the dish or shake bowl, never "separate" the egg whites from the egg shell, quickly cook the food and not use the containers and utensils used in the preparation of the egg. raw eggs to contain or handle the food already cooked.


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