February 26, 2021

Advertise on Spain’s News

Advertise on Spain's News

Advertise on Spain’s News!

  • Start for only €1,00 which guarantees 10 unique visitors!

  • No waiting around, ads go live instantly!

  • Get your business website promoted to over 90,000 British expats and holiday makers right now!


Simply choose a plan, create your advert, make payment and your advert will go live instantly!

Reach out to thousands of British expats, retirees and holiday makers in Spain right now for as little as €1,00!

We get over 90,000 readers each month and growing, mostly Expats in Spain, Germany, France, Italy and United States.

Over 70% of our traffic is from search engines with 20% from social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit.


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Our demographics:


Our Cost Per Click billing model (CPC) means you only pay when a potential customer clicks your advert and visits your website. Try the €1 plan which will guarantee 10 visitors to your website. Discounts are offered on higher priced ad slots.


This could be the best €1 you will ever spend!

Adsense, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, you name it, €1 won’t get you anywhere with either of those networks! You would be lucky to get a single visitor to your site! Spend €1 with Spain’s News and you are guaranteed 10 unique visitors who are interested in what you have to offer. As long as the advert you create matches the service you offer, anyone interested will click your ad and visit your site. What would you sooner pay? €1 for 1 visitor or €1 for 10 visitors?

Why do we offer such a low starting price?

It’s simple! We want your business which supports our website and we want you to continue supporting our website. We want you to have success because when you get a couple of sales from your €1 spend, the chances are you will purchase more advertising from us and probably a higher plan. Most advertisers start with the €1 plan and come back to purchase a higher plan at a discounted rate. It is a win win situation for both of us!


Our risk free CPC billing model with guaranteed website visitors is priced as follows:

  • 10 visitors = €1,00
  • 100 visitors = €9,00 (10% discount)
  • 1000 visitors = €80,00 (20% discount)

Ad Types We Offer:

Image Ads: Use a banner image of 336 x 280 pixels.

Text Ads: No image required.

If you need help creating a banner, try this tool here.


No waiting around!

After payment, your advert will automatically go live on our website and will be viewable by thousands of expats throughout Spain, Europe and USA.

We have no more than 24 advertisers per ad spot in our system. Ads are evenly displayed throughout the duration giving every advertiser fair exposure. CPC billing model adverts will display until all clicks have been depleted.


How the system works:

Our CPC model will guarantee a unique visitor per click to your website. Each unique IP address used by the visitor will count as a unique visitor. If the same visitor clicks your ad multiple times, you will not be charged for more than one click. Your advert could have 100,000 views without any clicks, until your chosen amount of clicks are consumed, your advert will remain live in the system.

Targeting is not necessary with the CPC advertising model. If a visitor is drawn to your advert, they will click it and visit your offer. If they are not interested, they will not click your advert. With this in mind, you are guaranteed to only receive visitors who are interested in your product, offer or service.


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