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The arrival of summer and the change of habits favors the worsening of urinary symptoms, related to prostate growth and urinary infections, which require a urological evaluation and adequate treatment. Those patients who also suffer from sexual health disorders can take advantage of the vacation period to treat these problems.

The medical team of the Urology Service and the Prostate Unit of Hospital San José, made up of doctors Antonio Blanco, Diana Mejía and Diego Laverde, highly qualified urologists with extensive experience, point out the importance of «assessing, diagnosing and treating what before urological pathologies to avoid, thus, their aggravation, taking advantage of the benefits of the latest technology and the new therapies available in our hospital ».

Benign prostatic hyperplasia: new, safer and more effective treatments

In the case of men, the prostate is very sensitive to dietary changes and alcohol consumption, which favors its inflammation, especially in summer. Prostate enlargement or “benign prostatic hyperplasia” can cause urinary symptoms in men over 40 years of age and, in the most severe cases, may require the placement of a catheter. Hence, the importance of becoming aware of urinary habits and possible alarm symptoms, such as a weak or choppy stream, a feeling of not completely emptying the bladder, dripping when you finish urinating or the need to go to the bathroom at night.

Timely consultation with specialists from the Urology Service and carrying out imaging and physical examination tests will allow the patient to have an accurate diagnosis and adequate treatment according to the characteristics of their pathology, which will avoid future urinary retention. and that improves your quality of life substantially.

“Rezum” technique and laser prostate surgery. The current treatment of benign prostate enlargement is experiencing a revolution with the arrival of minimally invasive techniques, on an outpatient basis, whose risks of generating complications or side effects are minimal. The prostate aquavaporization therapy, known as the “Rezum” technique It is a great alternative, very well received for the approach to this pathology, due to its great efficacy, safety, speed and the considerable advantages it offers compared to other conventional pharmacological and surgical treatments. Likewise, laser surgery, by allowing the resection of the prostate through the use of laser technology capable of destroying the tissue that blocks the opening of the urethra, represents another very beneficial therapeutic option for the patient, since it is a brief procedure, it does not require incisions and provides immediate relief of symptoms, with a low risk of side effects. The patient, duly informed by the specialists, has the advantage of being able to choose between two minimally invasive techniques that provide excellent results in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.

The San José Hospital (1891) offers high quality and complex treatments to private patients and those derived from the Canary Islands Health Service.

Urine infection: effective treatments and preventive therapies

Some habits typical of the summer season, such as increased alcohol consumption, the intake of foods rich in fat, poor hydration or the use of wet clothes, can promote urinary infections.

Cystitis or lower urinary tract infection consists of inflammation of the bladder, usually due to colonization by bacteria, and can occur in both sexes, however, women are more prone to suffer from it. Symptoms include increased urinary frequency, urgency, burning when urinating, or the feeling of not completely emptying the bladder. In some cases, the infection can present with pain in the lower belly area and, in men, with pain in the perineum – an area between the testicles and the anus – when defecating and even on the inside of the thighs. The intensity of the symptoms, associated with general malaise and fever, should make us think of an important infection, which requires an urgent medical evaluation.

Antibiotic treatment and immunotherapy. Treatment of urinary tract infections is usually solved by administering the appropriate antibiotics; however, its long-term use, in the case of recurrent cystitis, can cause resistance and nullify its effectiveness. Hence, the use of new preventive and prophylactic treatments, such as immunotherapy, which increases natural defenses to fight bacteria. Cystitis, in men, are considered complicated infections since they usually affect the prostate tissue —acute prostatitis—, which makes antibiotic treatment necessary for a period of between 21 and 30 days.

Sexual dysfunction: therapeutic alternatives with excellent results

Holidays are a good time to eliminate the stress of the work routine and pay attention to sexual health; in particular, to problems such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction.

Difficulty having or maintaining an erection can appear at any age and has a high tendency to become chronic, which can generate a feeling of anxiety, loss of self-esteem, fear, avoidance of sexual encounters, personal and partner crises and, ultimately , loss of quality of life.

Low intensity shock waves. Faced with sexual dysfunctions, specialists from the Urology Service of Hospital San José determine the origin of the disorder and add safe and effective alternatives to pharmacological treatments. Thus, low intensity shock waves complement their effects and offer better and longer lasting results in 70-90 percent of cases, according to scientific studies. In short sessions, without anesthesia and in the field of external consultation, it is possible to break the calcium in the arteries of the penis and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels (angiogenesis). Typically, specialists recommend six sessions for patients with mild dysfunction, and up to twelve for more severe dysfunction.


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