July 29, 2021

Advanced of Central American migrants arrives in Mexico City

Advanced of Central American migrants arrives in Mexico City

About 1,500 members of the first caravan of Central American migrants who travel through Mexico have arrived in Mexico City, where they spent the night in a sports stadium, and it is expected that in the coming days the figure rises to 5,000, reported human rights sources.

The Human Rights Commission of the Federal District (CDHDF) and the Government of Mexico City, both the current and the elected, carry out the first actions of humanitarian aid to Central American migrants in the Estadio Jesús Martínez "Palillo", said the defense capital town.

The head of the Commission, Nashieli Ramírez, told a press conference that various agencies of the capital and national and international civil society organizations already provide migrants with health services, food, shelter and security, as well as legal information so that people make decisions.

He stressed that next Tuesday, November 6 or Wednesday, November 7, there would be around 5,000 migrants arriving in Mexico City, who could stay in the capital for as long as necessary.

"We have the space in terms of humanitarian aid, we can not start in a criminalization process of absolutely nobody, we are prepared for whatever time, we are talking about that," he said.

In his opportunity, the Secretary of Government of Mexico City, Guillermo Orozco, highlighted the coordination with the CDHDF and the transition team of Claudia Sheinbaum, who will assume the leadership of the City Government in December, to guarantee humanitarian assistance to the people of the migratory exodus.

In this regard, the next secretary of Government of the city, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, pointed out that in this humanitarian crisis the support and solidarity of the population of the capital with the Central American migrants is necessary.

"What we want to say is that we are in the accompaniment of both the Human Rights Commission of Mexico City and the Government of Mexico City, we are observing, supporting, helping, in coordination always and in solidarity with this caravan, Mexico City is a hospitable city, "he concluded.

The first migrants who arrived in the city spent the night in the stands and in tents set up in the camp, one of which has been destined exclusively for women and children.

Once the majority assembles in the capital, the migrants will decide when they will resume their journey to the United States, as well as the route or routes to follow.


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