Sat. Aug 17th, 2019

Adrián rescues Oporto (2-1)

Adrián rescues Oporto (2-1)

Porto came alive from the Roman Olympic thanks to the appearance of Adrián when the Portuguese team was the worst. The Spanish forward entered the second half in substitution of Brahimi and his goal covered the wound that Zaniolo had opened minutes before twice. Roma did not find a prize until well into the game. A shot from Dzeko to the stick in the first half was the main warning Casillas took until the double appearance of Zaniolo. The Italian scored his first two goals in the Champions League in a six-minute interval. After a throw-in, the Bosnian forward, the great threat of the Romans, gave Zaniolo an assist to overcome Casillas. Zaniolo repeated shortly after taking advantage of a rejection of Dzeko. The Balkan returned to run into a post, but his partner opened a distance that announced the debacle of Oporto. Until Adrián came to the rescue. His opportunism served to reopen the tie and a stop with the face of Casillas to Dzeko left the score with everything pending for what happens on March 6 at Do Dragao Stadium.


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