Adrián Parras, Lía Beel and Dani Pérez, protagonists in Basauri – CyL Adapted Sport

Adrián Parras, Lía Beel and Dani Pérez, protagonists in Basauri – CyL Adapted Sport

  • The man from Valladolid, the woman from Burgos and the man from Leon lead the athletes from Castilla y León in the Spanish Adapted Athletics Championship

  • The Basque event will include Atletismo Campo Grande, CA Villanubla, AVIVA Enrique Sánchez Guijo, Velocidad Salamanca, Sprint Atletismo León, DT Castilla y León and CD Fusion

Ander Olaso, together with his technician. FEDEACYL

The Valladolid middle-distance runner Adrián Parras and the Leonese vaulter Dani Pérez will lead the Castilla y León expedition in the Spanish Adapted Athletics Championship, which will be held in Basauri this Saturday, May 27, and Sunday, May 28.

The two international athletes will be two of the contenders for medals at the Basauri Meeting, which celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary, organized by the Association of Merchants of the Basque town.

The 21-year-old from Valladolid will return to competition after his participation in the Paralympic Grand Prix of Italy with the Spanish team, and will participate in the 800 and 1,500 meters. In fact, the athlete from Campo Grande is one of the favorites in this last test, although it will not be easy for him against the local athletes from Atletismo Javi Conde.

For his part, the CD Sprint jumper from Leon will try to add two new national titles to his extensive record in the high jump and long jump series; and achieve the minimum for the World Paraathletics Championship, which is held in Paris from July 8 to 17.

"Things have not gone as we had on the roadmap, but we will shoot the bullet we have with all the confidence in the world," says the athlete from the Castilla y León Adapted Sports Federation (Fedeacyl).

The sprinter Lía Beel, for her part, will run on the afternoon of Saturday the 200; while on Sunday she will participate in the 400 with her guide Marco Illescas.

The two young athletes will be part of an extensive community expedition that will include seven different clubs: Atletismo Campo Grande, Atletismo Villanubla and CD Fusion, from Valladolid: Sprint Aletismo León; DT Castilla y León, from Ávila; and Velocidad Salamanca and AVIVA Enrique Sánchez Guijo, from Salamanca.

The young promises of Fedeacyl will also be in Basauri, and in this way, Ander Olaso from Avila will try to be in the positions of honor in the speed tests; like the young people from Salamanca Alejandro Mangas and Diego Ruiz.

Participation in the Basque event is completed by Ana Begoña Garrido and Roberto Aguado (Villanubla) from Valladolid; Aissa Ben Talib (Campo Grande); Victor Toro (AVIVA); Lía Beel (DT Castilla y León); and Francisco Maderuelo (CD Fusion).