Adrián Parras and Dani Pérez, Spanish champions in Basauri – CyL Adapted Sport

Adrián Parras and Dani Pérez, Spanish champions in Basauri – CyL Adapted Sport

  • The young Valladolid middle-distance runner achieves gold in the 1,500m and will be in the Vichy Virtus World Cup

  • Diego Ruiz from Salamanca achieves the Spanish sub18 record for the 400 meters (53:40), with six medals for Atletismo Villanubla

Adrián Parras, Spanish champion of 1,500 meters. FEDEACYL

The Basauri Meeting confirmed that Adrián Parras from Valladolid is today one of the best athletes on the national scene.

The Campo Grande Athletics middle-distance runner was proclaimed champion of Spain in the 1,500 meters and achieved runner-up in the 800.

The merits of the athlete from the Federation of Adapted Sports of Castilla y León (Fedeacyl) give him the ticket to be with the Spanish team in the next Virtus World Cup for athletes with intellectual disabilities, which is held in Vichy, from June 1 to 11 . His mark (4:12:54) was close to giving him the victory in the series (including all the participants with different disabilities), but he was surpassed by the international deaf athlete Jaime Martínez Morga (4:11:47).

Parras, in addition to being proclaimed champion in his test, achieved a meritorious silver in the 800 (2:06:12).

The athlete from Simancas was one of the flag bearers of the Basque competition, as was Daniel Pérez from Leon, who won two new national titles in the events in which he participated: the long jump and the high jump.
However, the joy was not full for the Leonese who was left without his minimum to be in the Parathletics World Championships in Paris, which is held in July.

“I have achieved the record of the season in the two tests, and I would be lying if I said that I am upset, because I have enjoyed this sport again”, explains the CD Sprint athlete. "I think I'll stay on the World Cup list, but there's still Dani for a while," added the man from Leon.

Fifteen medals in a record expedition

Luis Huerta, at the end of a test in the last edition of the Open.  FEDEACYL
Diego Ruiz, second from the left, third in the 100 meters. FEDEACYL

The Castilla y León expedition achieved, in addition to the four medals for Dani and Adrián, another eleven medals -fifteen in total-.

The Fedeacyl athletes were in privileged positions in Basauri, with a special mention for the new ONCE young talents in the community, belonging to DT Castilla y León and Velocidad Salamanca.

The young man from Avila Ander Olaso achieved bronze in the 800, in his T11 category, and a sixth place in the 1,500.

For his part, Diego Ruiz (Vel Salamanca) was third in the 100 (T13) and fourth in the 400 (T13), precisely in this distance, the young man from Salamanca achieved the Spanish sub18 record, with a mark of 53:40.

Also in the ONCE category, the international Lía Beel from Burgos took bronze in the 200m and silver in the 400m, in both tests with a personal best of the season (27.64) and (1:05:66).

Luis Huerta, at the end of a test in the last edition of the Open.  FEDEACYL
Roberto Aguado and Víctor Toro pose after the shot put. FEDEACYL

Aissa Benialib (Campo Grande Athletics) got gold in the 800 (T35); while another of the highlights was Roberto Aguado (Villanubla Athletics), who won gold in the javelin throw, in addition to hanging silver in the shot put, with (6.41 meters and a weight of 6 kilos); and bronze on the disc. Her teammate, Ana Begoña Garrido, achieved gold in the discus, silver in the shot put; and bronze with in the javelin throw.

The Fedeacyl delegation was completed by the Fusion clubs, with Francisco Maderuelo, who was sixth in the 1,500; and the AVIVA Enrique Sánchez-Guijo, with the participation of the young Alberto Mangas, fifth in the 100 and seventh in the 400; while his partner Víctor Toro was sixth in the shot put.

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