Adrià Escudero, the best Spanish friend of the superhero from ‘Eternals’

The Mallorcan actor Adrià in a promotional image.

When the Spanish actor Adrià Escudero he heard his representative say the word to him ‘Marvel’, had to ask him: “But Marvel, what do we know Marvel is?” He could not quite believe that he had a casting for a blockbuster in the comic book universe. AND “You’ll have a scene with Mark Wahlberg”he added. The interpreter from Esporles, in Mallorca, received that call while on an excursion to Banyalbufar and ended it running to get to town as soon as possible, catch a bus home and sign the confidentiality document prior to the casting. He still cannot tell details of the superhero film Eternals, which opens today in cinemas around the world, although it advances that his character is “Diego, the best human friend, since there are also the superheroes, of one of the protagonists”.

Escudero explains that it is a secondary role with several scenes where he is seen close-ups and in which he appears speaking. “I am well recognized and, although they have not included the shooting scenes that I shot, I am very proud to have participated in a production of these characteristics, since it was very rewarding and I learned a lot at Pinewood Studios”says about London Hollywood. In rehearsals there in late 2019, he was trained to shoot guns and box, while filming took place in a forest outside the UK capital. The Mallorcan interpreter returned to London a few days ago because the film was screened for the film crew and he assures that he liked it a lot. “Honestly, not because I come out, but because it is a little away from Marvel movies that are only action. The director, Chloé Zhao, who won the Oscar with Nomadland, has done it in a very beautiful, special way, very well shot and with a beautiful cinematography “.

Finally, Mark Wahlberg does not appear, but well-known interpreters such as Salma Hayek, who gives life to the character of Ajak, Angelina Jolie in the role of Thena, Richard Madden as Ikaris and Gemma Chan, which plays Sersi, among other professionals, in a Marvel Studios choral film with a budget of about 173 million euros ($ 200 million). Based on the comic Eternals, by the cartoonist and screenwriter Jack Kirby, the story of the Eternals is told, “a race of immortal beings with superhuman powers that have lived secretly on Earth for thousands of years without intervening in anything, although now a threat looms over humanity”, as the argument points out.

In ‘The innocent’

In addition to the human Diego, other characters that Adrià Escudero has played are Hernán in the series of Netflix ‘El inocente’, Sete in Servir y Proteccion, by TVE, and Juanca in the film Navel, which is on the Filmin platform, among his most recent works. He is currently recording the short film Sincero, which “will have a lot of projection” and in which the protagonist, Iván, played by the Mallorcan, “He is gay, has different parallel realities and has to deal with his toxic masculinity”. A role far removed from the Marvel blockbuster, but that is what he likes as an actor, participating in so many different films and thus demonstrating his versatility to play all kinds of characters.


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