April 15, 2021

Adora, an invitation to live in the present

The young people, who had moved to the British capital to continue their careers in Politics and Business in the music industry, met there and from the beginning they connected thanks to music, entering fully into the musical world until releasing their first single .

The duo -Romi Alter and Fran Sylver- met in the British capital, where they study


“The concept of Adora started shortly after we met, but it has been a long process to get to releasing music. These years we have focused on getting into the London music scene before entering it as artists. This has helped us to meet people from the London music industry and to establish relationships to carry out our projects. Adora has come out in a very organic way between us, since we met we started creating music, and we have always followed and gone further ”, Romi tells via email after introducing THE PROVINCE his first single in English, made with the Metropolis Blue label and mastered at Metropolis Studios.

Musical platforms

The single has been on the market since February and can be heard on music platforms like Spotify. A large cardon on the vinyl cover recalls its origins, although due to their clothing and pose, the duo could well pass for an American group from Arizona or Texas.

“London offers us a lot of variety and the opportunity to be in the city where leading international artists record, write and perform. We have also been very surprised by the help and support given to emerging artists, and we are grateful that the industry is accepting artists of all stripes, ”says Romi on what London means to emerging artists.

The duo, who are finishing their careers, share their interest in fashion in addition to music: they work as models and share an online clothing store. Nothing else unites them. “From a creative point of view, we have a very special relationship. Coming from the same place and having similar influences, we get to understand each other quite well and we tend to have the same vision for our ideas. In addition, all the time we spend together we spend it like nobody else, and our daily routine is always full of creative things that we love to share; whether it’s taking photoshoots, creating videos, writing music, collaborating with other artists. We love coming up with ideas and making them come true together. Being constantly sharing this creative process with another person makes you know them in a very different way. When one writes music with another person, the ego stays at the door, and that means that we can honestly comment on anything to each other because we put ourselves in vulnerable situations every day ”, they say about their friendship and professional relationship.

Adora has also just released its first video clip recorded and directed in London by the videographer The Unidentified Rocker with a retro air both in the aesthetics and in the classic rock music of the 70s and 80s, one of the influences that the group has.

Influenced by classic rock from the 70s and 80s, the group composes and sings in English.


“It is the music that we have heard and played the most. From that time we love bands like Dire Straits, Supertramp, Talking Heads. We usually listen to a wide variety of genres, although generally at home there is rock, but we also listen to jazz, hip-hop, pop, blues ”, explain these young people, whose influences can also be found in their repertoire. “We do not want to pigeonhole ourselves into a single genre, we love to make songs with influences and take them to our field,” they add.

The group interprets in English since they are both bilingual, although they promise to include Spanish lyrics in their repertoire soon, since there are many expressions in our language that do not have English translations. “The first songs and poems that we wrote as children came out in English; It is natural for us to write in this language ”, they confess, while denying that it is a market strategy.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has severely punished the music sector, Adora affirms that the English market is beginning to see the light after the closure of some rooms with history. “Concerts are expected to return in June, as well as big festivals like Reading & Leeds in August. Everyone in the industry is working to come back strong in the summer, but the reality is that at the moment nobody knows 100% what will happen ”, they say.


At the moment, their single is doing very well, although they would like to sing live. “The music circuit consists only of online recitals, but we plan to start giving concerts in the middle of summer, as the restrictions are relaxed. We would like to be able to do some UK tour at the end of the year ”, they say. And, of course, act in Spain. “Without a doubt, it is one of the tours that we most want to do. We also really want to play festivals and meet people from the Spanish industry. We have a great list of Spanish producers, writers and musicians that we would love to work with, so we may also take advantage of that time to write with different people around Spain ”, comments Adora.

The group does not forget its Canarian land, from which it longs for family, sun, beach, food and natural spaces despite being very happy to live in London. “We would love to perform in the Canary Islands, and work with more local artists. There are Canarian artists with incredible talent and we really want to come back to be able to do more projects at home ”, they point out.

Meanwhile, the group relies on social media to make itself known to followers and fans. “We attach great importance to the content we publish and that makes us constantly busy with photography and fashion projects, something that we also enjoy a lot,” they explain. His dream is not only to share his music, but “to use it to unite all kinds of people forming a tolerant and diverse community, eager to have fun.” “We love live concerts and the energy they generate, so of course we aspire to play on some big stage, where we have seen fantastic artists like the Glastonbury pyramid stage.”

The covid-19 It has not been a handicap for Adora, a duo formed by Romi Alter and Fran Sylver from Gran Canaria, to have released their first single in London. ‘Anthem to the youth’, full of positivism and energy, invites the youth to live the present wrapped in the nostalgic sound of the classic rock bands of the 70s and 80s, from which the group drinks.


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