Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Adobe will launch a version of Photoshop for Ipad

Adobe lanzará una versión de Photoshop para Ipad

The iPad is gaining ground as an alternative to traditional computers. This seems to have understood Adobe, who has just announced the release of a version of Photoshop to be used directly from the iPad.

In this way it becomes the first program originally designed for computers that adapts almost unchanged to be used in the Apple tablet.

Adoba ensures that the authentic Photoshop CC will be available on iPad very soon with all of its tools and desktop workflows available. Thus, the Photoshop for iPad will allow to touch up, to compose, to correct and to melt, as in its original version.

"It's about real Photoshop on the iPad, the same underlying code and algorithms that you rely on every day, with a renewed user experience to take advantage of the unique features of the device," they explain on the Adobe website.

IPad users will be able to open and edit a PSD using the same tools they are already familiar with on the desktop and achieve exactly the same results in the editing operations. The difference is that they can do it anywhere thanks to the mobility that allows the use of the tablet.

The iPad Photoshop can be used with an Apple Pencil and will take advantage of the device's multitouch technology.

All resources, such as fonts, brushes, colors, Adobe Stock images and others, will be available in the Creative Cloud libraries.

The files edited on the iPad will be fully compatible with the desktop version, so that jobs can be completed without distinction on the tablet or computer.

The Photoshop for iPad will be available from 2019.

The Photoshop version for iPad will be available in 2019

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