September 24, 2020

Admitted to process the complaint of Facua against Magrudis for the outbreak of listeriosis

The holder of the Court of Instruction number 10 of Seville, Pilar Ordonez, has admitted to process the complaint presented by FACUA-Consumers in Action against Magrudis SLU, as responsible for the listeriosis outbreak whose health alert was decreed in Andalusia on August 15.

The spokesman and vice president of Facua, Rubén Sánchez, He explained at a press conference that the judge has issued a car that admits the complaint against the administrator and sole partner of the company, Sandro José Marín Rodríguez, and his father, who presents himself publicly as "manager" of the company, José Antonio Marín Ponce.

The complaint was lodged by Facua on August 23 against the manufacturing company of La Mechá and extended on September 11 against Marín Rodríguez and Marín Ponce, "their, so far, two known officials."

"Both have presented themselves publicly as managers of Magrudis and several media outlets have published that the administrator and sole partner is nothing more than a figurehead of his father," he said.

In her order, the judge has ordered the opening of preliminary proceedings to investigate the facts reported, "which could be in principle constituting a crime against public health and injuries."

He also notes that "Facua will be considered" in the proceedings, which will exercise the particular accusation.

The consumer association has begun to provide documentation so that the investigation also covers the crimes of abortion and homicide, without prejudice to others that could be determined throughout the investigation.

Sanchez has specified that more than 60 affected have already asked Facua to take action in their defense, of the 297 people who have joined the platform created on their official website.

On the other hand, the Patient Advocate association filed a complaint Tuesday in a court in Seville for the death in Madrid last May of twins whose mother was in an advanced state of management.

The woman, born in Seville, consumed meat from La Mechá during Holy Week near the town of Pilas, where the first case was detected, and aborted shortly after.

Medical tests performed on the mother tested positive for listeria infection.

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