July 24, 2021

Admitted a lawsuit by Iglesias against ‘The Ana Rosa program’ for holding him responsible for the residences

“He blamed Ayuso for the deaths in nursing homes when he was responsible for the nursing homes.” The phrase, in reference to Pablo Iglesias, was pronounced by Ana Rosa Quintana in her program on April 22, 2021, a day after the debate on the election campaign on May 4. The management of nursing homes in the first wave of the pandemic, where thousands of old people died, was one of the central issues of the campaign. And he took a good part of the prominence in the debate the night before, which had one of its incentives in the confrontation between the former vice president and the regional president. The then candidate of United We Can demanded a rectification from Telecinco, but the chain owned by Mediaset refused to do so. Pablo Iglesias then filed a lawsuit, which has now been admitted for processing by a Madrid court, as he has advanced Public.es.

Iglesias defends Ayuso in marking for 150 minutes

Iglesias defends Ayuso in marking for 150 minutes

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In the lawsuit, to which elDiario.es has had access, the legal representative of Iglesias alleges that he demanded a “clarification and rectification of the erroneous information” that would make it clear that “Mr. Iglesias is not responsible for the deaths in the residences “; that the Statute of Autonomy of the Community of Madrid establishes that the competences belong to the regional government, led by Isabel Díaz Ayuso; that a year earlier, in April, the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid “agreed that the Community of Madrid Through the Ministry of Health, it had to immediately provide the nursing homes with the necessary health personnel as well as the material means “, as well as the existence of orders from the Ayuso Government itself on the management of nursing homes.

In fact, that management by the Community of Madrid led to a crisis in the Ayuso government and in a tough confrontation between the PP and Ciudadanos. After the May 4 elections, the PP and Vox have refused to create an investigation commission in the Madrid Assembly on what happened in the residences.

The response of Mediaset, owner of the channel that broadcasts Ana Rosa’s program, arrived after the elections and in the form of a burofax. In the document, which appears in the application, the right to rectification claimed by Iglesias is denied and it is alleged that the phrase of the presenter of the magazine it is “an opinion in the context of a political gathering”, although at that time the gathering had not yet started, but it was starting the program. Furthermore, the company’s legal services considered the request for rectification “disproportionate”.

Pablo Iglesias’ response came in the form of a lawsuit against Mediaset, against Conecta5 Telecinco (publisher of the Telecinco website) and against the director of the program, Óscar de la Fuente.

In an order issued on July 13, the head of the court of first instance 84 of Madrid, Cristina Requejo, admits the lawsuit to be processed and gives the defendants 10 days to pronounce on the holding of the hearing.


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