Adis to the plastic bags of Mercadona in the Canary Islands - La Provincia

Mercadona, supermarket and online company, has culminated on March 25 the definitive replacement in allits stores in the Canary Islandsof theplastic bagscurrent by others of paper, raffia and reusable and recyclable bags that are also made with tons of plastic from the packaging recovered in their stores. An alternative, the latter, which implies that customers, employees and suppliers have collaborated to launch this circular economy initiative where the use of resources, reduction, reuse and recycling take priority to extend the life of materials and avoid that end up in the landfill.

The objective is to implement this measure, which began in 2018 in 66 stores located in València, Bizkaia, Barcelona, ​​Cantabria, Illes Balears, Ceuta and Melilla, to the rest of the chain progressively until reaching the more than 1,600 stores in the middle of the next month of April.

With this measure "El Jefe", as the company internally calls its clients,You can choose to make your daily purchasebetween the traditional50 cent raffia basket,a paper bag of 10 cents, Ya reusable and recyclable bagwith a content of recycled plastic between 50% and 70%, also of 10 cents.

In this way Mercadona reinforces itscommitment to sustainability, a commitment that led him in 2011 to be the first company in his sector to introduce initiatives to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags, and one year before, in 2010, to become a pioneer in plastic recycling with projects like the one tackled jointly with the supplier SPOTer SPOTER to incorporate a new line of household goods (buckets, basins, broomsticks and mops), made with the plastic recovered from the greenhouses.


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