Adis to Guilllermo Navarro, Salesian priest and professor - The Province

Adis to Guilllermo Navarro, Salesian priest and professor - The Province

Ninety-two years old, 74 of Salesian religious life and 65 of priest they marked the life of Mr. Guillermo Navarro González, deceased in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria whose corpse will receive a Christian burial at eleven o'clock on Saturday morning in the Cemetery of San Lázaro. Next Tuesday, day 12, at eight o'clock in the afternoon, it will be the funeral mass in the Salesians of Garden City.

Grancanario of pure strain, native of Tejeda, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, in the shadow of the Nublo, sheltered by the Bentayga, under the watchful eye of the Friar, the curiosity of the Frog and the son of a Tejedense merchant who had emigrated to Cuba, Don Guillermo was privileged in everything, especially in the people who influenced his formation: baptized by Don José Rodríguez de Vera, canon of the Cathedral of the Canary Islands; confirmed by Monsignor Miguel Serra Sucarrats, saint bishop of the Canary Islands who died a martyr in Segorbe; He received his first studies from Don Ezequiel Sánchez, brother of Don Heraclio Sánchez, magisterial canon of the Cathedral of La Laguna and, in addition, an eminent Latinist and prestigious professor of canon law at the School of Law of the Universidad lagunera.

His father married four times and widowed three ... With the first woman - Lutgarda, mother of Don Guilllermo - had ten children. With the second wife he had no offspring. He was again a widower and married a Cuban lady, with whom he had twins. His father was once again a widower and he married again a woman with whom he had no children. In total, there were seventeen children of Don Benito, his father.

An image of Mary Help of Christians that gave birth to the brotherhood of Tejeda, who every year organized a party in the town he woke up in Guillermo, boy still, his vocation until January 7, 1938 he entered as an internal student in the Salesian College of Las Palmas, he studied fourth and fifth grade of primary school and in July 1939, once the war ended, at only thirteen, he went to Montilla de Córdoba. He made the novitiate in Jerez, was trained to be a priest and, on July 7, 1953, he sang Mass in Tejeda. He was 26 years in La Orotava, as professor of Greek and Latin of the San Isidro School; 20 years in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; another five in Córdoba, in the School of Magisterium of the Church; three in Pozoblanco (Córdoba); and many others in the University of La Laguna, where he graduated in Geography and History. Then he spent two years in Ronda (Málaga). He returned to Gran Canaria and spent a year in Teror, in 1955, when the school opened in the village. Since he retired eighteen years ago, aged 74, until his death, he dedicated himself to the apostolate of the confessional and to celebrating mass.

PhD professor of Latin, eminent teacher of Greek, teaching cult of Geography and History, Mr. Guillermo Navarro was until his death the dean of the Salesian community of Gran Canaria and one of the most representative figures of the family of San Juan Bosco in the Canary Islands, for its unique personality, for its educational work, social and spiritual assistance through the confessional to the extent that its alumni and parishioners see it and consider it as a symbol and example to follow. Don Guillermo was tough like the cliffs of Tejeda; kind and exquisite person of treatment, with the exquisiteness of the marzipan or the bienmesabe of that town; constant and punctual, as the annual appointment of the almond trees in bloom, the end of each winter. He has just picked up the prize and shares the blessed life with Father God in Heaven. Here, grateful and satisfied, we are your spiritual children! Pray for us.


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