Adif launches a call for employment of 1,316 places to cover retirements

Adif launches a call for employment of 1,316 places to cover retirements

Adif and its high-speed subsidiary (Adif AV) have launched a new call for Public Employment Offers (OEP) to incorporate 1,316 new workers into the company this year, with the aim of attending to the generational change.

The deadline for submitting applications begins this Wednesday, July 13, and will last until August 3, as reported in a statement by the public manager of the railway infrastructure in Spain.

78.3% of the positions correspond to operational personnel, 10.7% with the professional category of technician and 11% middle managers and technical staff. There will be more than 30 different profiles in fields such as legal, finance, marketing at stations, architecture, engineering, cybersecurity, security, systems, circulation factor, electrical installers of installations, administrative or machinists, among others.

The reception plan for technicians and technical staff includes a training program, talks given by managers and experts in different areas of activity, visits to facilities and a technical training program related to their professional profile.

The technical training for the operating personnel, for its part, is adapted to the different specialties, with programs to obtain skills for the functions of those responsible for Circulation or those in charge of Maintenance work.

Adif's 2022 Training Plan, under the slogan 'Generational change, our great challenge', contemplates the participation of the entire workforce, with a total of 915,572 hours of training, 31.3% more than those given a year before.

In 2021, Adif and Adif AV employees completed more than 697,000 hours of training, distributed in 5,675 courses, with an average of 58.5 hours per training and employee. 66.6% of Adif employees and 72.5% of Adif AV participated in at least one training course.

The launch of this new OEP is part of the Multiannual Employment Plan, with which Adif and Adif AV will incorporate more than 6,000 professionals in the 2021-2025 period, being the largest job offer in the history of both entities and allowing the generational change of approximately 50% of the workforce.

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