Adicae calls consumers to jointly denounce "abuses" in the social bonus

Adicae calls consumers to jointly denounce "abuses" in the social bonus

The association Adicae today called on consumers to jointly denounce the practices of "abuses" and "obstacles" that, in their opinion, are being carried out by the electricity companies in the application of the social bonus, in order to be able to initiate collective actions.

In a statement, the association has described as "massive scandal" the attitude of the big electricity in this provision, which allows a discount of 25% or 40% on the monthly electricity bill, provided that you have a certain socio-economic profile .

According to Adicae, the entities intend to avoid the return of between 21 and 48 million euros that have unduly charged consumers who do not apply the social bonus but are entitled to it.

This week, the Ministry for the Ecological Transition announced that there are currently 1,041,612 active social electric bonds out of a total of 1,436,268 completed applications received in the absence of a few days for December 31 to complete the extension to request it and directly access the thermal.

The CNMC, for its part, had reported that by the end of July 2018, only 650,000 users had applied for the new social bonus, compared to the 2.5 million customers who were beneficiaries of the old one.

According to the estimation contemplated by Adicae, which has been defined as "prudent", more than one million families have not applied for the new social bonus, which highlights the need to intervene in the practices that they have carried out with that purpose. out the power companies in Spain.

For the association, with its "obstacles and abuses" in the requests made, the electric companies seem to pretend to follow the nefarious example of banking in the "floor clauses" and deny hundreds of thousands of consumers the return of the amounts paid in excess from last October, not having applied the social bonus.

Adicae has enabled an email address ([email protected]) for consumers to transfer their experience in order to prepare complaints and collective complaints, an information that will also serve, he added, to propose measures to the Government.

For Adicae, it is urgent to open the necessary debate for the definition of the National Strategy against energy poverty announced by the Government.


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