Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Adelina Ibáñez, the promoter of the second trial for the theft of babies, dies without being able to see the accused on the bench

Adelina Ibáñez, the promoter of the second case of stolen babies that comes to trial in Spain, has died this Sunday in Cartagena, at 73 years of age, as her family has confirmed to The trial should have started in 2018, but was postponed three times, the last for the state of health of the accused, the gynecologist of the maternity Santa Cristina Joaquín Botija.

“He has died with the pain of not having made the trial,” lamented Maricruz Rodrigo, president of the SOS Baby Robbed Association of Madrid. Ibáñez gave birth to a child in Santa Cristina maternity in 1975, as recorded in the clinic documents. The nun María Gómez Valbuena, Sr. María, informed him then that the child had died, but Ibáñez had maintained for 45 years that the newborn had been delivered to another family and denounced him. The procedure did not prosper at that time.

But 35 years later the woman found out about a collective claim for cases similar to her own and in 2013 she again denounced. Sr. Maria, who for the private prosecution is the alleged author of the abduction, died in 2017 and the only person who was brought to trial in the case was the gynecologist who attended the delivery. The accusation sat him on the bench and asks for eight years in prison for alleged falsehood in an official public document, assumption of childbirth and marital status.

“[El ginecólogo] I was very sick, but she was more, “Rodrigo criticized. At the last hearing that was suspended, on November 12, Ibáñez attended the courts in wheelchairs and with an oxygen tank. After that, he remained admitted until Sunday in a hospital in Cartagena “for the depression he took, aggravated by respiratory failure,” as explained by his daughter, Matilde Marín.

“He said he was not going to find his son because he was very bad, he had no strength,” Marin lamented. “He wondered a lot why he was not doing a video trial [al ginecólogo] so that he could show his face, “he explains. Now, she will be the one who” takes the witness “of the process” if she can. “

“What are they waiting to do justice with us? That we die one by one,” said the president of the association. “Adelina is one of the pioneers. We have been very cold in [los tribunales de] Castilla Square. There were five or six people: Paloma Mollá, Paloma Pérez Calleja, Margarita Pérez, María Villaseñor and her husband, Adelina and her husband, and me. We are the ones who started waging war, “Rodrigo recalled, who has accompanied Ibáñez at every sight.

The trial that Ibáñez has promoted is the second that judges a case of these characteristics in Spain. The first was that of Inés Madrigal, who sat on the bench to Dr. Eduardo Vela in 2018. Although the sentence said that Madrigal was handed over to a family “outside the legal channels”, the gynecologist of the San Ramón sanitarium was acquitted by prescription and He died last October. These are the obstacles with which cases such as these are found: the advanced age of the accused and the prescription of crimes.


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