July 9, 2020

Adecco will offer free training and job reorientation programs during the COVID-19 crisis

Given the exceptional nature of the health crisis we are going through and which has meant the confinement of millions of Spaniards, the leading company in Human Resources Adecco, has launched two free initiatives so that all citizens, both employees and unemployed people, take advantage of these weeks to make useful training programs that contribute to completing their academic profile and reinforcing their job application.

Thus, the first of the initiatives consists of a platform to make available to these groups more than 70 totally free training programs, divided into 9 thematic blocks, to turn this quarantine period into a new opportunity to complete their training and be more employable. These programs, which until now were coming Marketing for companies, they will be completely free in view of the exceptional situation.

Training tailored to what companies demand

Adecco has developed a wide portfolio of programs that, fully aligned with the latest needs of its more than 15,000 companies with which it currently collaborates in Spain, demand for different profiles and selection processes. This wide spectrum of programs seeks to provide a useful e-learning platform for different profiles that allows dealing with upskilling processes for improve the employability of candidates in the future. Those interested in the initiative only have to register their name and email address on the platform to receive the corresponding invitation with which they can access and choose the training option that best suits their needs. Candidates may obtain training in subjects ranging from linguistic competences at the business level to specific aspects such as current regulations on privacy and RGPD or the development of marketing campaigns on social networks.

Adecco proposes with this initiative total freedom on the different training modules depending on the work profile of the users, which translates into great flexibility and a different training itinerary from that proposed in other academic options. Users will be able to prioritize their training in those contents that they consider most relevant without the need to delve into previously mastered concepts or processes.

The organization of the courses is simple and easy to handle since each unit is made up of different sections that include videos, magazines, case studies or tests, offering the user the possibility of deciding which sections to study. In addition, the monitoring of the training process in each program is completely dynamic and all the modules generate its corresponding diploma upon completion.

Free relocation program in three months

In addition to its free training offer, and through LHH, an Adecco Group company specialized in supporting organizations in their transformation processes (‘Workforce Transformation’), the company It also launches a 3-month online relocation program at no cost, aware of the current adverse situation of employability caused by the COVID-19 crisis. Currently, the Law establishes that collective dismissals that affect more than 50 employees must have a compulsory external relocation plan. However, both insolvency proceedings and collective dismissals of less than 50 people are not entitled to such plans, so that, given this exceptional situation, LHH will also make available to them a free relocation program aimed at improving their employability and in order to achieve a fast labor insertion.

Is initiative provides access to different platforms such as the digital library with different learning pills about career transition, to group workshops with consultants specialized in job reorientation or to virtual meetings of work teams with other candidates facilitated by a racing “coach”. Likewise, users will also be able to access specific job offers, training courses on job search techniques and career guidance.

Through different actions, the Foundation team is trying to connect with the users of its career guidance programs to be close to their needs. There are more than 20,000 users who face situations of extreme need and who isolation can cause greater difficulties. “The digital divide in many cases, the psychological or health conditions and the previous social situation of exclusion in which they were already, can make their isolation greater and lead to situations of psychosocial risk”, says Francisco Mesonero, general director of the Adecco Foundation. Therefore, “we have to accompany them more than ever,” he stresses.


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