June 23, 2021

Add to Paquito: footballer, singer and friend – La Provincia

Paquito is no longer among us. We are very sad thinking about his absence. As in these cases, your friends already think of the memories of so many good times, of so many experiences and of so many jokes that with that sense of humor so intelligent you have shared with us in our The Watchtower neighborhood of Guía. Your friendship has been a gift you gave us in each conversation. Your short, expressive and contagious smile reinforced your clean and jovial look. There is another aspect of your personality that all your friends have in mind: You have always respected us. You have been an honest person and because of your simplicity, very dear in the neighborhood. Next to Boro Padrón, Rufino, you and I, we wanted to establish an association that we wanted to call "A little respect" in order to laugh at our meetings with comments, jokes and occurrences that made the hours pass happily almost without realizing it. And we had succeeded several times. Councilor of the City of Education and Health Guide chaired by Oscar Bautista between 1995 and 1999. We remember how sweetly you sang in the II Festival of the song of the North in the Watchtower of Guía where twenty singers from the area debuted and where our Eurovisive Braulio began his artistic career. As a footballer, you showed elegant shapes and some outstanding team man skills. Thank you for those moments lived. Thank you for the love and loyalty you gave us. Thank you for your sincere friendship. We extend the pain of this absence to your partner Nacho with whom you wanted to share the last years of your life. Until always, Paquito. Goodbye friend.


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