May 14, 2021

Actress Laurel Griggs dies of 13 years of asthma attack | Culture

The promising American actress Laurel Griggs died on November 5, with only 13 years, for "an acute asthma attack", a disease she had suffered for two years, her grandfather, David Rivlin, announced through the social network Facebook. "The world lost an authentic princess who just wanted to make the future happier for everyone," Rivlin wrote. "Acting was his childhood dream come true," he added. Griggs had participated in several Broadway plays and in the movie Café societyfrom Woody Allen.

Griggs debuted in 2013, with only six years, in a montage of The cat on the hot zinc roof with Scarlett Johansson. He followed Eleven, musical in which he played the role of Ivanka for 17 months, which made him the actress who had starred the longest. His Broadway career added more than 1,000 functions, his father told CNN, Andy Griggs. This explained to The Washington Post that the girl began to feel bad on Tuesday night while she was with her computer at home. "He said he was not feeling well and immediately all the alarms in my head were activated, because normally she would never say something like that." When she suffered the attack, the girl was immediately taken to Mount Sinai hospital, but doctors could not resuscitate her after entering a cardiac arrest.

The young woman participated in advertisements and television programs, especially Saturday night Live. Information about his death was not made public until Sunday, when it was announced that the funeral had already taken place last Friday. David Rivlin explained that it was a small and intimate ceremony in the family's house and of a Jewish character. He added that the school the little girl went to closed half a day as a sign of grief.

Since her death was known, there have been numerous messages of consternation among the actors who knew her and worked with her. In this sense, the IMDb film website points out that Griggs, who lived with his parents in Manhattan, was known for his "great professionalism."

Among the condolences, the one of the also young actress Eliza Holland Madore stands out, who precisely also played the role of Ivanka in Eleven. "I am deeply sad about the sudden death of one of my sisters. Laurel, you were always laughing and always making others laugh. I am so grateful to have met you. You will never be forgotten and we will never stop loving you, "he wrote on Instagram. While the web about child actors Young broadway added: "Laurel was a brilliant young woman whose impact on the lives of everyone she met was far beyond her immense talent. Her wisdom and kindness were gifts to the theater community during her time on earth."


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