Actress Isabel Torres continues to fight cancer: "I'm going to go bald, I'm assimilating it"

Isabel Torres, in the video she posted on Instagram

Isabel Torres, in the video she posted on Instagram

Aware that you will undergo "drastic changes" in the new stage of treatment against cancer, but at the same time "very happy" for the treatment she receives at the hospital and the encouragement sent by her family, friends and followers, the actress from Gran Canaria Isabel Torres placeholder image He has shared a video on his Instagram account in which it is shown that he has not lost his sense of humor or his integrity. "I'm going to go bald," Torres said, "I'm taking it in." "We have fought for a year or so so that this does not happen," he explained, but finally you will have to undergo a second chemotherapy, which he assumes as "another stage that I have to accept as it comes".

Torres, famous for her performance as La Veneno in the Los Javis series that earned her an Ondas award, She will receive next week the title of Favorite Daughter of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in an act that he hopes to attend "with a little hair." "If I go shaved, I go shaved," he clarified with humor.

The actress is hoping for a new medication, "that miraculous pill that will finally cure my cancer," which she said will take a few months to hit the market and, when available, will allow her to overcome the disease.


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