June 19, 2021

Actress Asunción Balaguer dies in Madrid at 94

Asunción Balaguer, dean of the Spanish actresses, has died today in Cercedilla (Madrid) at 94, according to Efe sources from the AISGE (Artists and Interpreters Management Company), an entity of which the artist was the partner number 3.

Widow of actor Paco Rabal, mother of film director Benito Rabal and artist Teresa Rabal, As well as the grandmother of the actor Liberto Rabal, the actress, born in Manresa (Barcelona), has died this morning in the Madrid hospital of Fuenfría (Cercedilla) as a result of a multiorgan failure, family sources have confirmed.

Balaguer, who had turned 94 on November 8, was admitted a week ago after suffering a stroke at his home in Alpedrete, the mountain town where he established his residence in the early eighties in the company of her husband.

His body will be veiled at the Collado Villalba funeral home and, after the incineration, his sons, Benito and Teresa Rabal, will move the ashes to Águilas (Murcia), where the protagonists of "The Holy Innocents" have rested since 2001.

Born on November 8, 1925 in Manresa in the bosom of a bourgeois family, the actress first stepped on a stage with thirteen years, in the Civil War, in a function of Santa Teresa de Jesus by the Institut del Teatre .

Already in Madrid, he met a very young Francisco Rabal Valera when he joined the Lope de Vega company.

During the more than half a century that her marriage lasted with the renowned actor Paco Rabal, the actress partially relegated her interpretative facet, but When he was widowed at 75, he resumed his artistic life with all the consequences and wrote his best pages as an actress.

Between 2010 and 2013 he won four consecutive awards from the Actors Union; In 2012, Teleprograma magazine distinguished a lifetime of dedication to the trade with the TP of Gold and in 2013 he would collect the Max Award for the supporting actress for the musical "Follies", in which he sang and danced in the best scenes.

The first of them, recalls the AISGE Foundation, was precisely the Actúa Award, which the institution grants and awarded in 2010 for its long and fruitful career.

Just before raising the trophy, Balaguer confessed with grace the reason for his jump to interpretation: "I was bored with my life. I did not like being myself and wanted to do other people. This is the most beautiful job, among other things because It doesn't bore you. If I was born again, I would be an actress again. And I would like to have another life, eh? ". EFE

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