Actor Enrique San Francisco dies at 65

Madrid, Mar 1 (EFE) .- The Madrid actor and comedian Enrique San Francisco died today at the age of 65 after several weeks hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia at the San Carlos Clinic in Madrid, family sources have confirmed to Efe.

His state of health had been complicated at the beginning of the year and on January 12 he had to announce the suspension of the representation of the function that he had planned in Getxo (Vizcaya) in full tour with the humor show "La penultima".

The actor had been dragging health problems for years, aggravated in 2002 when he suffered a motorcycle accident for which he was unable to move for more than a year.

With extensive experience in film, theater and television, San Francisco became known within the "quinqui cinema" with several collaborations in films by Eloy de la Iglesia such as "Colegas" (1982), "Navajeros" (1980) and "El peak "(1983).

"Orquesta Club Virginia" by Manuel Iborra or "As in heaven as on earth" by José Luis Cuerda are other of his most outstanding cinematographic works and on television he participated in series such as "Cuéntame", "Thieves go to the office" (1993-1997) or "Colegio Mayor" (1994-1996) and, more recently, "Gym Tony" (2016).

Quique San Francisco will also be remembered for his monologues in "El club de la comedia" and his work in the theater. "I was born in the theater, it is a fundamental genre for an actor," he said in one of his last interviews.

Throughout his career he has sown great successes such as "Frankie and the wedding", "We said yesterday", "Mysterious murder in Manhattan", "The imaginary patient", "Art", "They love each other!" and "Orquesta Club Virginia".

One of his last television appearances was as the protagonist of the Campofrío advertisement for Christmas 2019, characterized as La Muerte.

He was born on March 10, 1955 in Madrid, the son of actor parents, Enriqueta Cobo (Queta Ariel) and Vicente Haro, although his mother had him as single and did not meet his father until he was 17 years old, which took him long to decide to go to Madrid. to look for him.


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