July 29, 2021

Actor Douglas Rain dies at age 90, the voice of HAL 2000 in '2001: An Odyssey in Space' | Culture

Actor Douglas Rain dies at age 90, the voice of HAL 2000 in '2001: An Odyssey in Space' | Culture

The actor Douglas Rain, who lent his voice to the computer HAL 9000 in the science fiction film of Stanley Kubrick 2001: An odyssey in space, died this Sunday at 90 years of age due to natural causes. The Canadian actor, with ample baggage in the Shakespearean theater, put the voice of the computer in charge of controlling the vital functions of the spacecraft Discovery, in the post-production phase of the film, premiered in 1968. Before Kubrick decided on Rain , he considered working with other actors such as the American Martin Balsam or Nigel Davenport. 2001: A Space Odyssey, based on the novel by Arthur C. Clarke – who signed the screenplay with Kubrick – won four Oscar nominations, including Best Director and Best Screenplay, although he only won Best Special Effects.

The Stratford Festival, which Rain co-founded in 1952, announced on Sunday that the actor had died of natural causes in Stratford, Canada. "The Canadian theaters have lost one of their greatest talents," said the artistic director of the event, Antoni Cimolino. "Douglas Rain was an unusual artist: an actor deeply admired by other actors," he added.

Rain was born in Winnipeg (Canada) on March 13, 1928. He studied acting at The Old Vic, in London, and worked at theaters and festivals throughout Canada. He received a Tony Award nomination in 1972 for his work in Vivat! Vivat! Regina!, Robert Bolt production.

The actor was again the voice of HAL in the sequel to Kubrick's film 2010: Odyssey 2, directed in 1984 by Peter Hyams. On television, his participation in the series stands out Startime like George Tesman.


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