June 18, 2021

Actor Charles Grodin, star in ‘Beethoven’ dog movies, dies

Charles Grodin.

Charles Grodin.

The actor Charles grodin, which stood out in comedies like ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ and the first installments of the saga about the dog ‘Beethoven‘He died this Tuesday at the age of 86 at his home in Connecticut (USA).

His family confirmed the death to the media, who recalled that the interpreter not only worked on the big screen, but also in Broadway shows such as ‘Same Time, Next Year’, in addition to collaborating in programs radio Y TV.

Grodin carved out a space for himself in Hollywood thanks to his roles as a frustrated urban family man, like the one that marked his first big box office hit in 1972, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, with which he was nominated for a Golden Globe for best comedy actor.

The actor then worked in blockbusters such as ‘King Kong’ (1976) and in films with the likes of Warren Beatty in ‘Heaven Can Wait’ (1978) and Robert De Niro in ‘Midnight Run’ (1988), a work with which he won the award for the best protagonist at the Valladolid International Film Week.

Already in the 1990s, the actor starred in ‘Dave‘, with which he won an American Comedy Award, and the first two installments of the’ Beethoven ‘film series (1992).

Grodin embodied strict father of the family that at first refused to take care of a dog, Beethoven, who won over the audience and grossed more than 147 million dollars at the box office.

The actor was once again part of the cast of the second installment of the franchise, premiered in 1993, although he left it to start a stage as a regular contributor to television programs.

Born in Pennsylvania, Grodin studied acting in Miami and he moved to New York, where he worked in theater until he made his leap to Hollywood.


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