Activists take Fitur: "Canary Islands, cement paradise and job insecurity"

Activists demand an "ecotax and tourist moratorium now" at the IFEMA fairgrounds. / SAVE THE TEJITA / instagram

A group of people, with banners, has broken into the International Tourism Fair to denounce the tourism model of the archipelago

CANARIAS7 The Gran Canarian palms

A group of activists from the Canary Islands has broken into the open day of
2023 Features -one of the most important tourist fairs in the world, which is held from this Wednesday, January 18 to this Sunday, January 22 at IFEMA, Madrid- to demand, among other things, a
“ecotax and tourist moratorium now”.

The activists toured the Madrid fairgrounds with different banners, even with tombstones with the name of the islands, and made different recriminations out loud, such as "Sustainable and natural Canary Islands,
cement paradise and job insecurityor "Do you see the
stand of the Canary Islands in Fitur? They teach La Tejita, Corralejo, Maspalomas, they are all natural spaces, and what is the paradox of unsustainable tourism in the Canary Islands?
What is sold is destroyed!».

In this regard, the environmental association Salvar La Tejita and the Tenerife Association of Friends of Nature have released a statement on their respective Instagram profiles, accompanied by a video of the moment, explaining the claim of these people at the tourist fair.

«We have come to the international tourism fair to express our
rejection of the suicidal tourism model prevailing in the Canary Islands. A model that is clearly unsustainable, no matter how you look at it, both from an environmental and a socio-economic point of view," the letter reads.

In it, they claim to feel "hostages" of a model that has made the archipelago
"leader of the worst standards"such as, as they list, job insecurity, youth unemployment, population at risk of social exclusion, urban corruption, land prices or coastal destruction.

«In this fair of hypocrisy, hundreds of politicians and businessmen from the tourism sector have come from the Canary Islands to sell, above all: nature, dream landscapes and a local culture to discover. This that is promoted with care in Fitur
is being annihilated by the mass tourism model itself to which our politicians do not want to put a limit, “they continue.

In the aftermathhighlight that «in Fitur they will never tell you that there are hundreds of illegal outfalls dumping fecal water into the sea, that bathing in these 'idyllic' beaches could cause you an E. coli infection, that you can get trapped by traffic in a queue 4 hours on any given day, which, in reality,
Those photos of paradisiacal beaches are a hoaxthe plans were carefully chosen so as not to show you the concrete city that is just behind it ».

At this point, they point out that this action is a "distress call" to warn that the Canary Islands are about to "become
a cemetery of seven graves in the Atlantic."

Finally, they clarify that they are not against tourism, but rather in favor of transitioning towards a "truly sustainable" development model, through measures such as the tourist moratorium, the replanning of the sustainable territory, the Residence Law, the protection of natural spaces, incentives for young entrepreneurs, limits on the purchase of homes by foreigners and the comprehensive reform of the Canary Islands Investment Reserve (RIC).