May 15, 2021

Activists protest against animal exploitation in the meat industry

Activists protest against animal exploitation in the meat industry

Some 500 Animal Equality activists have staged a "peaceful and silent" protest in Madrid's Puerta del Sol today to denounce the mistreatment of animals in the meat industry and invite "citizen reflection".

This action is part of the celebration of the International Day of the Rights of Animals, which the animal defense movement coincides for two decades with the Human Rights Day, which is commemorated on December 10.

In statements to Efe, the spokesman of the organization, Javier Moreno, explained that the protest, which is also held in many countries around the world, seek to "give voice" to animals "condemned to a hellish life" by livestock industrial and that society reflects.

"We want to make citizens aware of the individual changes they can make, such as reducing meat consumption, but also governments and companies, because industrial livestock is not only responsible for this brutal abuse, but is also the main responsible for the destruction of the planet, "he underlined.

Moreno has ensured that this action, whose first edition was held in 2008 on the initiative of Animal Equality, "has become an act of reference for the animal defense movement and has literally gone around the world."

The 500 activists have held real photographs of abused animals in industrial livestock "taken in our own investigations" and have shown some animal corpses "subjected to brutal exploitation in these centers."

For Animal Equality, the principles of justice and equality that govern the International Day of Human Rights "should be extended to the rest of animals with whom we share the planet, who have no voice, but are not very different from dogs and cats with whom we live ".

Javier Moreno has ensured that this type of action, with "a very powerful emotional load", has a very good response in society and is "a silent cry that invites reflection, because a picture is worth a thousand words".

"We do not want it to remain in an act for the people who pass by, our intention is to have an international impact," he said.

In countries like Chile, Peru, Argentina, France, Italy, Germany, Australia, Israel or the United States similar events are held to commemorate this day.


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