May 31, 2020

Activists lift camping because of the weather they had in Madrid

The activists who since last Monday maintained in Madrid "the camping by the climate" in front of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition have begun to dismantle their tents after the acting minister, Teresa Ribera, has received representatives of 2020 Rebellion by the Climate and Extinction Rebellion Spain.

The spokeswoman for these groups, Luisa Diezma, explained that the traffic cuts in the center of Madrid along with the camp "made sense because we have been received by the minister" and, regarding this interview, she has assured that " we have been heard and they have proved us right. "

However, "there is no immediate proposal for real measures" because the Government "is in office and needs more stability."

The demands of these groups are directed not only to the current executive of the PSOE but to "all political groups" and include the "effective" declaration of climatic emergency and "that the truth be told to the public regarding the critical climate and ecological situation ".

They also demand the assumption of "drastic" emission reductions taking into account "the allegations of environmental movements and organizations above the interests of companies" and the implementation of "citizen instruments" to monitor these measures, including "assemblies citizens "advised by independent experts.

Tithing has insisted that "from now on we will be observing and judging the Government until it applies the binding measures" proposed.

The protest organizers have accused the executive in charge of developing a "negligent job" when it comes to "defending life on the planet" and have warned that "civil society's response to inaction will include, whenever necessary, disobedience. "

While Ribera received the delegation of activists, a group of officials from his department has distributed a manifesto of support "to the Rebellion climate movement 7 October" in which he claims to support the adoption of "necessary measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to mitigate the effects of climate change. "

In addition, the 2020 Rebellion for Climate and Extinction Rebellion Spain movements have announced that they will bring legal actions for "arrests and injuries to activists in the action last Monday" during the police intervention that ended with three detained activists and another thirty identified in dependencies police.

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