June 13, 2021

Active Covid cases in the Islands drop to August 2020 levels

For the second consecutive day, there are no victims of the infection to mourn, so the number of deaths remains at 764 since last Friday. During this month, there have been 35 deaths, 18 in the first week, 11 in the second and six in the latter.

Regarding the number of medical discharges, 41 were counted yesterday and there are already 52,709, which indicates that 95% of the positives of Covid-19 diagnosed in the Archipelago during the pandemic, have overcome the disease.

Around 16% of the population have received the complete vaccination schedule and 35% the first dose


Tenerife added 38 new coronavirus diagnoses yesterday, and already has 24,274 accumulated cases. Of these, 1,263 are epidemiologically active, which means that 61% of Covid patients are concentrated, of which 177 are hospitalized -63.4% -.

Gran Canaria registered 26 positives in the last day and scores 22,431 accumulated, of which 539 are active -26% -.

Lanzarote added 11 cases in the last 24 hours, with 5,363 accumulated and 206 active; Fuerteventura recorded two new positives, so it has 2,303 accumulated and 31 assets; La Palma, with two new infections, accumulates 561 since the health crisis began, and 22 active at the moment. El Hierro and La Gomera continue without adding new cases, with one and two active respectively. In the case of El Hierro, the global balance of the pandemic stands at 371 positives; and in 233 on the Colombian island.

The Archipelago closes the third week of May with six fatalities from the virus, 35 this month


With the 2,133 carried out yesterday, the SCS already adds a total of 1,115,476 PCR tests for the diagnosis of Covid-19 in the Canarian community. The accumulated incidence of the infection has also decreased in the last day, going from 41.68 to 40.76 cases per 100,000 inhabitants after 7 days; and from 81.8 to 80.29 at 14 days.


The Archipelago continues to advance in the vaccination campaign of the population against Covid-19. According to data released by the Ministry of Health on Saturday, 94.15% of the doses that have reached the Canary Islands have already been administered. At the moment, 16% of the target population – 1,871,033 people – have already received the full regimen, the two doses of Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca, which translates into the immunization of 299,562 people. Figures that will increase throughout this week, given that the Janssen vaccine, which requires a single dose, is already being administered. To this must be added the 659,063 people who have received the first dose -35% -, and who in the next three or four weeks will complete the vaccination schedule.

95% of all people diagnosed in the pandemic have overcome the infection


So far, all residents and workers of social health centers, and first-line health professionals in the pandemic have been vaccinated with the two doses; while 94.4% of the large household dependents have been immunized. Regarding group 5, which includes vulnerable people due to their age, not residents of nursing homes, almost 66% have received the two doses -188,035-; and 97% the first -276,250-.

Group 3, which includes the rest of the health and social health personnel, has been inoculated with one dose, and 29.4% with both.

Regarding the group of teachers, firefighters and police officers, around 38,800 professionals have already been vaccinated with a dose of about 59%. Likewise, 62.63% of people between 60 and 65 years old have already received at least one dose -99,668-; as well as 21% of those who belong to the age group between 50 and 59 years, which is equivalent to some 74,758 people.

For all health workers in the SCS, both those who work on the front line of care for Covid and the rest, the General Directorate of Public Health, in collaboration with the Mental Health service of the General Directorate of Assistance Programs, will hold a course in June online entitled Promotion of Mental Health in the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.


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