Activated the judicial commission to answer all the questions

Activated the judicial commission to answer all the questions

After 04:30 hours, the body of Julen was transferred to the funeral of Totalán. This ended an anguish that has kept a family and the entire country in suspense during the last 13 days. However, there are still many unanswered questions. Therefore, after the body was lifted, the judicial commission was immediately activated to clarify what happened. It is not going to be an easy job because there are many unanswered questions that made researchers and experts doubt that the child was really in the place where he said his father said he had fallen.

Rescued the lifeless body of the child, the first question that should be clarified is how a child of his age could fall through a hole so narrow, 25 centimeters in diameter, if wearing a coat. Afterwards, it will make it clear how he could reach such a deep area if the hole presented numerous irregularities such as roots and stones. The third variable of the equation is to know how it was possible that above Julen there was a plug of sand and materials so compact. Fourth, how is it explained that the bag of trinkets that the child was carrying could end up above the sand plug? Many of these issues are difficult to explain according to the account of the events that the protagonists carried out. Julen's father said he saw that the boy was going to fall and that he ran out to prevent it and that he saw him rush when he was inches from him. As he fell, he heard him cry. He tried to retrieve it and dug with his hands, which could have caused the fall of sand on his son. However, that would not justify the presence of a plug of more than one meter and very compact on Julen. The rescue forces managed to remove about half a meter of sand _the exact composition of the stopper has not been transcended, but given the impossibility of crossing it and the risk of more sand falling on the child, they decided to look for other options.

The bag of trinkets on the sand plug disconcerted the rescue forces and the investigators, but when there was more doubt about the version of the facts given by Julen's mother, the laboratory confirmed that the sample of hair found in the plug belonged to the child. From that moment, all efforts were concentrated on trying to access the child with the hope that he would be alive.

As for the well, of 115 meters, it was covered with sand up to 80 meters. Investigators will have to verify the use that was made of him and who is responsible for not being covered.

In addition, the forensic analysis will help to know the cause and date of the death of the child, two key data to bring a little light to a case so complex and that has led to the realization of an unprecedented rescue.


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