ACS wins contract in Virginia for 3,000 million | Economy

ACS, through its subsidiaries Dragados USA and Flatiron (Hochtief), and in temporary joint venture (UTE) with Vinci Grands Projects, has been selected for the construction of a tunnel and viaduct project in the I-64 Hampton Roads of Virginia (United States) for an amount of 3,000 million euros, in which will be the largest infrastructure project in the history of this State.

The Spanish group will lead the consortium in charge of designing and build this megaproject, with a 67% stake in the UTE, which will be one of the largest infrastructure programs in the United States and will strengthen the company's position on the East Coast of the continent.

The stretch of I-64 at Hampton Roads in southeastern Virginia is one of the most congested in the region. The existing infrastructure consists of two submerged tunnels with two lanes in each direction between two artificial islands connected by viaducts with both banks. These tunnels were put into service in 1957 (westbound) and 1975 (eastbound) and have a length of 2.3 kilometers. The traffic in these four lanes exceeds 100,000 vehicles per day.

The new project will consist of the design and construction of improvements along 15 kilometers in the towns of Hampton and Norfolk. The project includes a new 6.3-kilometer crossing of the bay with a combination of tunnel and viaducts. The two new twin tunnels will add four additional lanes of traffic resulting in a total of eight lanes and will be built using a state-of-the-art tunnel boring machine.


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