ACS wins a new contract in Australia worth 73 million euros

ACS wins a new contract in Australia worth 73 million euros

ACS continues to expand its contract portfolio in Australia. The group chaired by Florentino Pérez, has achieved this time through its subsidiary Thiess a contract valued at 120 million Australian dollars (73 million euros) for operate the Groote Eylandt magnesium mine, located in the Northern Territory state.

The duration of the contract with the client, a company called Gemco owned jointly by South32 and American, will be three years, extendable to two more yearsas reported by Cimic, the Australian subsidiary of ACS and parent company of Thiess.

This new mining services contract marks Thiess' return to the Northern Territory and demonstrates, according to the company, "the alignment between Gemco and Thiess in relation to sustainability and the participation of local communities in their projects."

Thiess will supply, operate and maintain equipment for pre-extraction mining operations, as well as design and build supporting infrastructure, including workshops and related facilities.

"For Thiess, continued diversification into different commodities needed for the energy transition is a key part of our strategy, as manganese plays a crucial role in steel production and has the potential to replace cobalt cathodes in batteries. lithium-ion," said Thiess President and CEO Michael Wright.

This contract is in addition to the one that Cimic achieved last week, through the latter's subsidiaries UGL and CPC, to build the western section of the HumeLink high voltage transmission project, a new infrastructure that will connect Wagga Wagga, Bannaby and Maragle in the Australian region of New South Wales and which has a budget of 850 million euros.