April 22, 2021

ACS enters the British AVE with the construction of a station in London for 2 billion

ACS enters the British AVE with the construction of a station in London for 2 billion


ACS has been awarded the construction contract for one of the stations of which it will be the first high-speed line in the United Kingdom, the AVE between London and Birmingham, the Euston station, in the center of London, for an amount of 1,650 million pounds (about 2,000 million euros).

The group that presides Florentino Pérez it manages to enter, in spite of the Brexit, in the project of construction of this railway line after the great Spanish construction companies were in their day out of the first platform works.

ACS, through a consortium of its subsidiary Dragados and with the local firm Mace, has achieved one of the two stations that will be built in the first phase of execution of this type of AVE facilities tendered by HS2, the British public firm that promotes the line, considering it "the largest program of station construction since the Victorian era".

The group competed for the two seasons, although the second one, Old Oak Common, has been awarded to the alliance between the British construction company Balfour Beatty Group and the French Vinci for an amount of 1,300 million pounds (about 1,500 million of euros).

For the two seasons, Ferrovial also competed, in alliance with the Dutch BAM, the American Betchel and the Swedish Skanska, according to HS2, which indicated that with the execution of the stations the British Executive gives a "clear sample of the progress of the works "of this AVE corridor".

Ferrovial already managed two contracts in this first British AVE. Last year it was done with the installation of two electrical substations to support the construction works and in 2016 with the preliminary work on the construction of the line in its central section (in about 102 kilometers of the total of 225 kilometers that it adds).

However, big builders Spanish companies remained in the summer of 2017 outside of the award of the large construction contracts for the line.

Currently, two other Spanish companies, the railway manufacturers Talgo and CAF, are awaiting one of the largest construction contracts in this corridor, the supply of the trains that will operate it.

It is an order for 54 high-speed trains valued at 2,750 million pounds (about 3,112 million euros) for which they must submit an offer in the coming months.

AVE in central London

As for the contract achieved by ACS, it consists in converting into a terminal High speed the existing Euston station, the sixth busiest in the country, with a total of 87 million passengers both train and metro in 2018.

The new terminal complex will be undertaken in two phases, the first of which has to be ready in 2026 and the second in 2033.

In the first part, six highways and platforms will be built for AVE trains, keeping the current ones in service, as well as two access roads to the station and new spaces for travelers such as lobbies and control areas. Its connections with other transports will also be reordered.

In the second phase, ACS and its partner will have to build five more AVE highways and connect the station through tunnels with other metro lines.


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