Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Aciturri acquires 62% of the shares of Alestis and is consecrated as the largest national aeronautical exponent

Aciturri acquires 62% of the shares of Alestis and is consecrated as the largest national aeronautical exponent

Airbus today announced the 62% sale of the actions of Alestis (Andalusian company specializing in structures and materials for aircraft) a Aciturri, Burgos company that stands as the largest Spanish group in the Aeronautic sector. Thus, the company based in Burgos becomes a majority shareholder with a 76% of the capital; the rest is in the hands of the SEPI (State Company of Industrial Participations).

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Aciturri sources confirmed to Efe the operation, which makes the group one of the few qualified as Tier1, the first technological level and with the capacity to deliver complete components to aerospace consortiums such as Airbus or Boeing. The giant announced from the beginning that it had no desire to maintain long-term control, and had thus wanted to ensure the continuity of a major supplier, one of those qualified as Tier1, for its program of the A350 aircraft. The cession now of its 62% means that it considers that Alestis is sufficiently consolidated.

Your boss in Spain and responsible for the activity of military aircraft, Alberto Gutiérrez, said that "the purchase by Aciturri of the shares of Airbus in Alestis reinforces the position of the company as a reference supplier in the aeronautical sector and guarantees its long-term viability and its future".

Alestis produces components for several families of Airbus aircraft - the A320, the A330, the A380 and the A350 - but also for other aeronautical constructors.

Aciturri is a company that started in 1977, in Miranda del Ebro, under the nickname of Gines Workshops (its creator is Ginés Clemente). What began as a conventional workshop today has become an aeronautical giant that has more than 1500 employees among its plants in the municipality, Madrid, the Basque Country, Andalusia and Portugal, as this transaction demonstrates.

The key moments of the company are included in the year 2000 onwards: in 2010, they acquired the 54% of the shares of the Ares Group and formalized the purchase of Aerosur, an aeronautics with headquarters in Seville and Cádiz; and in 2015, the family recovered the total shareholding after more than 48% of the shares of the company were in the hands of several groups.

In the year 2017 the company invoiced 303 million euros and the forecast for 2020 is to reach 400. If you add the turnover of Alestis, which registered in 2017 revenues of 286 million euros, it can be affirmed without fear of risk that Aciturri is the Spanish aeronautical giant by antonomasia.


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