July 29, 2021

Acerinox and Técnicas Reunidas will decarbonise the Acerinox Europa plant in Cádiz together




Acerinox and Técnicas Reunidas have reached an agreement to work together in the study of the decarbonization process of the Acerinox Europa facilities, the plant that the former owns in Los Barrios (Cádiz). A comprehensive stainless steel production plant with more than 1,800 employees and a production capacity of over one million tons per year.

The project will identify the decarbonization technologies that are most suitable for each industrial sub-process, with special attention to electrification from renewable energies, green or blue hydrogen, bioenergies, or carbon capture and storage.

The technologies finally selected will make the fulfillment of the operational requirements of the facilities compatible with the decarbonisation objectives, thus anticipating the new regulatory requirements on the matter that the European Union has just announced.

Based on this previous analysis, the roadmap will be designed, with medium and long-term objectives, to which the investment calendar that Acerinox will assume to achieve its decarbonisation objectives will be adjusted. This calendar will be based on criteria of technological and business maturity of each technology, as well as on the optimization of Acerinox’s investment.

Acerinox will contribute to this project its extensive ‘know-how’, facilities and commitment to innovation in the industry, as well as the opportunity for improvement as part of our culture.

In turn, Técnicas Reunidas will contribute to the project its extensive knowledge and experience in the different technologies associated with the energy transition and their integration into complex industrial processes. This project with Acerinox is one of Técnicas Reunidas’ first steps in its objective of diversifying the actions in the matter of decarbonisation and energy transition that it has been developing in recent years in the usual areas of its activity to extend them to other industries that are intensive in energy consumption.

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