October 26, 2020

Ace suffered the victims of the new fashion drug, the krokodil: “You eat inside” – La Provincia

The new drugs that go on the market are increasingly dangerous. And it is not something only sanitary authorities warn. The consequences of consuming these substances are increasingly visible even in social networks. The new fashion drug that everyone talks about in the Anglo-Saxon world is none other than the Krokodil, a narcotic that “eats you inside” according to those who have tried it.

The English press itself defines the drug as the world’s deadliest narcotic. Emma Davies It is one of those who suffer from addiction. He is 41 years old and in recent months he has suffered Two heart attacks. Also has Hepatitis C Among other diseases.

The drug he consumes is, according to the physicians who have studied it, ten times stronger than heroin. But why is it called “krokodil” (crocodile in English)? The explanation is very simple: the body that suffers its effects seems The skin of a crocodile. It’s like the substance was eating you inside. As if a monster had sneaked into its body. “They are like zombies”, warn those who have tried it.

In the video below these lines you can see the consequences of using this drug. We warn you of the crudeness of the images when clicking on the link.


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