March 5, 2021

Ace is the Canary Islands vaccination calendar 2019-2020 – La Provincia

The Ministry of Health of Government of the Canary Islands reports the publication this Wednesday in the Boletin Oficial de Canarias No. 126 of the Order of June 28, 2019, which approves the Vaccination calendar for all ages of the life of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands, which modifies the child and adult calendars valid until this moment. The new calendar, which will take effect two months after its publication, will begin the vaccination against meningococcal disease due to serogroup B to the cohort of children born on or after July 1, 2019.

The diseases The object of systematic application of vaccines are those that the General Directorate of Public Health determines according to the different epidemiological circumstances and the available resources.

The appearance of new vaccines against different diseases, together with other increasingly immunogenic and less reactogenic, and the modification in the epidemiological behavior of some diseases against which vaccines are currently applied, determine the need to change the Vaccination Calendar in force in our Autonomous Community .

The fundamental objective of the new calendar is to guarantee equity in the access to vaccines, within a Global Strategy Against communicable diseases. To do so, it incorporates, according to its burden of disease, the implementation of new vaccines to the vaccine supply already existing in the Canary Islands.

New vaccines

The tetravalent conjugate vaccine is incorporated menigococo A, C, W, Y at 12 years of age, replacing the dose of conjugated vaccine against meningococcal C and justified by the significant increase that is observed in Europe of certain types included in this vaccine, which can also have a greater virulence.

The vaccine against meningococcal disease is also incorporated by serogroup B, which continues to be the most frequent in our country, with a form that is sometimes silent and unpredictable and that mainly attacks children. Despite its low incidence, its danger lies in its high mortality rate and the serious physical consequences suffered by a significant percentage of survivors.

In addition, serogroup B meningococcal disease occurs in epidemic waves, usually of long cycles, so that in the future we could suffer a rebound. We must also point out the inequalities that are occurring between the most disadvantaged population and the one that has more resources when it comes to accessing this vaccine, an inequality derived from the price of this product, which generates a situation of inequality.

Finally, in the new vaccination calendar the offer against the Human Papilloma Virus is improved with the incorporation of the vaccine against nine genotypes of HPV, replacing the vaccines that were being used, justified by the increase in direct protection that we would obtain. against a higher number of high and low risk HPV genotypes. In turn, this product will be offered to MSM (Men who have Sex with Men), due to their greater risk of infection.

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