August 5, 2021

ACCIONA, the Ibex-35's most influential company in social networks – La Provincia

ACCIONA, the Ibex-35's most influential company in social networks - La Provincia

ACCIONAhas been consolidated as the Ibex-35 company thatgreatest impact in Social Networksthrough your corporate accounts. This has been confirmed by the Icarus Ibex-35 panel, prepared byEpsilon Technologiesfrom the analysis of the 128 corporate profiles of companies on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

The analysis, carried out between January and August of 2018, measured the interactions, the average share of followers and virality on the total figures in these indicators of the companies that make up the Ibex-35.

The first place in that ranking,with an index of 23.38%, it is occupied by ACCIONA. The company is driven to the top of the analysis thanks to the leadership of the number of followers (10.57%) and the total number of interactions (32.56%), which denotes the interest of users with respect to shared content or generated by the company.

ACCIONA reaches 40.04% of the total number of interactions inFacebookand 33.3% inInstagram, the two platforms with the highest degree of'engagement' by the users, according to the report.

ForIsabel Gistau, director of Global Brand of ACCIONA, "being the first in the index clearly reflects our strategy of betting on social networks as a channel of communication with society, despite not being a BtoC company, our goal is to give visibility to ACCIONA's corporate values ​​such as mitigation of climate change, innovation, protection of the environment and linking them with the company's activity.

"Our engagement strategy is based on generating content in a systematic and regular way with an informative and credible nature, we bet on rigorous and attractive content that can be used as educational or informative material.that makes our followers hook and share", says Gistau.


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