Acciona completes solar plant in Mexico and doubles its photovoltaic implantation

Acciona completes solar plant in Mexico and doubles its photovoltaic implantation

The Spanish company Acciona Energía completed the assembly of a solar plant of more than one million solar panels in the Mexican state of Sonora, doubling its photovoltaic implementation on a global scale with 793 megawatts peak, it was reported today.

The plant will begin its functions in the first four months of the year after having managed to install the solar panels in just two months, which represents a record time in this type of facility.

"We have achieved very efficient work dynamics, born from the experiences of previous plants that have allowed us to complete the assembly of the plant in a record time", explained the general director Acciona in Mexico, Miguel Ángel Alonso.

With this plant called "Puerto Libertad", in which the company has invested 349 million dollars, Acciona now has 1,144 total megawatts in property installed in Mexico.

The other half of the investment was made by Tuto Energy, co-owner of the facility.

The construction of the plant has given work to an average of 600 people with peaks of activity in which 1,300 workers have been reached.

When it enters the operation phase, it is expected that it will give stable employment to 38 people.

The plant will produce approximately 963 gigawatt hours of energy annually, capable of meeting the electricity demand of 583,000 Mexican households.

Given the renewable nature of energy, this production will prevent the emission into the atmosphere of 925,443 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in coal plants, with a purifying effect for the atmosphere higher than the 46 million trees.

Acciona currently has similar plants in Mexico, Chile, South Africa, Portugal and Spain.

The company is building photovoltaic facilities in two other countries - Egypt and Ukraine - which will allow it to exceed 1,000 megawatts peak in 2019.


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