Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Accenture maintains its voracity through advertising agencies with the purchase of Shackleton

Accenture maintains its voracity through advertising agencies with the purchase of Shackleton

Accenture continues to increase its position in the world of digital advertising. The consultant announced on Monday the acquisition of Shackleton, the advertising and communication group founded in 2004 by Pablo Alzugaray and Juan Nonzioli, which has 176 employees and has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Santiago de Chile. Neither Accenture nor Shackleton have wanted to explain the amount of the operation Accenture also bought just a week ago the New York agency Droga5.

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Companies that are dedicated to consulting are buying various companies to complete a set of services in which they want to show their clients that they have total control. In the case of Accenture, they are acquiring creative and advertising companies in each of the markets in which they are based. Thus, in the last months the consultant has bought Kolle Rebbe, in Germany; Hjaltelin Stahl, in Denmark, Storm Digital, in Holland; or New Content, in Brazil.

Anatoly Roytman, managing director of Accenture Interactive in Europe, Africa and Latin America, explains it in the following way: "The integration of Shackleton is another example of our commitment, fosters creative talent and expands our global capabilities. to our clients to design creative and effective brand experiences. "

Juan Pedro Moreno, President of Accenture Spain, Portugal and Israel, says that "in Accenture we want to also lead the business of communication and creativity agencies in Spain, with the aspiration of covering all the elements of value of a memorable experience in the new digital economy ".

Accenture had already made its first incursions to complete the service offering with the purchase of creative and advertising companies such as Kamarama and The Monkeys, as well as Fjord, a design company; and Acquity Group, a company specialized in digital commerce.


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