June 24, 2021

Abuses of power | Society

Abuses of power | Society

A meeting of the Pope with bishops was held in Rome to determine the way forward in the case of sexual abuse that has taken place within the Church. For me, the ultimate cause of these acts is the power that can be used to pressure the weak and satisfy their own desires. The closest cases that serve to support my argument are the violence exerted by other privileged classes such as film directors on actresses, politicians and businessmen on their subordinates and even families on minors.

Until very recently the custom was "dirty laundry was ventilated at home" so as not to lose prestige and give something to talk about. But all this changed when the weak unveiled their shame and dared to denounce the evildoers. They supported each other and formed a chain that ended with the career of famous actors, prestigious politicians, writers with many books sold and influential writers. The Church did not turn out to be unharmed because cases, too many cases, came up that affected priests, bishops and cardinals like George Pell.

What can you do today? To ask forgiveness, once and a thousand times, to denounce those who have died and pay the victims for their deeds; deliver to the civil authority those living whose crimes have not prescribed and withdraw the priestly order. Regarding the past, little else. And for the future to suppress complex networks of complicity and recover a mandate from Christ who asks not to call anyone a father because only God is our father (Mt 23,8-12), something that is obviously not fulfilled. In the group that followed Jesus everyone had to consider themselves brothers and those who dreamed of pre-eminent places were called attention.

As power is at the origin of sexual abuse of the clergy, in clericalism, one of the solutions is to return to the biblical mandate, encourage a policy of humility and make co-responsible to the laity. Nor would it be wrong to remove the symbols of the power of the priesthood as distinctions, titles and anachronistic uniforms.

I have a deep love for the Church and I feel that some priests have abused their power, about people and consciences, especially with children and women because they have been responsible for the loss of prestige of the institution and that there is less talk about Jesus Christ, a person who has promoted our civilization and has pushed many Christians to do good works.

Let us not demonize the Church, as we do not do with men despite the daily dribbling of the violence of some, because it has paid dearly for the immunity of its great power and let us help it with our denunciations to end this horrible scourge.

Isabel Gómez-Acebo She is a theologian.


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