Absolute joy in networks with the RETURN of this HISTORIC television series

They announce the recording of this historic series 20 years later

Nothing foreshadowed that at the end of this 2021 what will undoubtedly be the television news of the year would arrive.

Whatever it was one of the most successful soap operas of all time, he has re-ignited his machinery to offer his millions of fans around the world the return, or rather, the return, that they deserve.

Who has not sung that of “who is that man” at least once in your life?

Well, the Telemundo network has announced, by surprise, the return of this historic series and the fans of the aforementioned novel have exploded with joy when they know that the recordings of its second season are already underway.

20 years later, the South American television network has published a video in which it confirms the return of Passion of Hawks.

Original cast

The series has already begun to be recorded and, as a preview, Telemundo has released a teaser video through its social networks in which the protagonists who turned the hearts of billions of people upside down two decades ago appear.

Danna garcia (Rule), Mario Cimarro (Juan), Paola Rey (Jimena), Juan Alfonso Baptista (Oscar) and Natasha klauss (Sarita) will share a filming set again after the end of the first season that left their followers wanting more.

Accompanying the premiere of the video announcing the return of Pasión de Gavilanes, a statement issued by the chain states that “after the worldwide success of the first season, we are excited to start the production of Pasión de Gavilanes II and be able to reunite the original cast almost 20 years later to continue this wonderful story. ”

However, it is true that there will be a small and noticeable difference with respect to the first season.

And is that one of the main faces will not be in this second season.

The actor Michel Brown, who played Franco Reyes, will not be in this second season due to the impossibility of his schedule, a fact that will prevent him from meeting with his colleagues and with the fans of the acclaimed series.

No date yet confirmed, it is not known which channel will be in charge of the broadcast of this new season in Spain, although Everything indicates that it will be Antena 3, since it was this that spread it around our country 20 years ago.


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