July 29, 2021

Absence of incidents in the voting – The Province

Absence of incidents in the voting - The Province

During the three hours that the polling stations remained open in the province of Las Palmas, tranquility was the keynote by which the voting was characterized for the election of the 120 members of the general assembly of the Inter-insular Football Federation of Las Palmas.

The largest influx of voters, especially players, occurred in the first hour, time in which the access to the room had to be regulated. After this period, those attending the corresponding polling stations had the opportunity to access without having to wait.

Representatives of the different candidates presented were waiting at the doors of the Federation headquarters. After the closing of the three schools, the votes cast "in situ" were counted, as well as those received by mail.

In these elections to the general assembly of the FIFLP they had the right to vote a total of 4,635 people representing the estates of clubs (192 voters), players (3809), coaches (301) and referees (234).

Next Monday, November 12, the electoral board will hold a meeting to proceed with the provisional proclamation of the elected members, not only in the province of Las Palmas, but also in the province of Tenerife.

The definitive proclamation will not be known until Thursday, November 15, the date on which the claims will be resolved and the definitive proclamation of the elected members will proceed.


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