Abrupt drop in temperatures since Monday and widespread snowfall

A very cold air mass that will enter from the north will leave temperatures "exceptionally low" for the time from Monday, especially on Tuesday, with peaks below 10 degrees in wide areas of the northern half and snowfall in various parts of the country, The State Meteorological Agency announces today.

This "abrupt" drop in temperatures in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, more pronounced in the entire northern half, could leave the maximum below 5 degrees in the vicinity of the mountain systems, while Tuesday will be "the coldest day of the episode ”, warns the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) this Saturday in a note.

There will be frosts in a large part of the interior of the northern half and the peninsular center except in the Ebro valley, and the minimum temperatures may reach -5 degrees in the surroundings of the Central and Iberian systems, the Cantabrian Mountains and the Pyrenees. The air mass will be quite dry so that the precipitations will not be, in general, intense.

Snowfall is expected from Monday in the interior of the Cantabrian area and in the Pyrenees that could spread on Tuesday to other areas of the center and interior of the southeast of the peninsula due to the entry by the southwest of an Atlantic storm and its interaction with the cold mass .

On the other hand, in the peninsular third, precipitation is expected from Monday that will later extend to the east and northeast, which may be strong or very strong in Andalusia on Tuesday, especially on the Costa del Sol.

It is possible that already on Wednesday, although the forecasts are still uncertain, the maximum and minimum temperatures will begin to rise and the process will continue for the following days, reaching values ​​close to the usual during the first weekend of April.


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