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The comings and goings of people on Calle l'Horta de Estivella are greater during weekends. The children play with the ball, the elderly rest in the sun, while the most eager to go for bread or take the vermouth to the bar of the Rei Jaume square. The street has not changed its physiognomy for decades. However, it hasn't been the same for 30 days. Marta Calvo, the young woman who grew up playing in this street, has disappeared and the duel has plunged the people into a sepulchral silence. "When you think you can not be further from a person, then this happens," says a former fellow student of the young woman, still shocked by what happened. I had not seen her for more than a year, since Marta had left to live in Valencia. «Nothing stood before him. He had a lot of character. He was brave as the one, ”he remembers.

Marta Calvo had disappeared from focus for Estivella's neighbors. However, everyone remembered her for being "affectionate," "sociable," and "familiar." He was known to all. He attended El Braçal de Estivella Elementary School, in Calle de l'Horta, where his grandmother lived. Since she was little she showed her personality. «You knew how to do a lot with the environment and people. I was always ahead since I was little, it seemed that I was older. He was very intelligent, ”continues the young man, who prefers not to reveal his identity. «It is a very delicate issue, a tragedy. Nobody expects something like this to happen, ”he confesses.

The memory of the young woman plans on the streets of the town, where there are still samples of the actions carried out by the 25-N, Day Against Gender Violence. On the balconies they wave fabrics adorned by the feminist collective La Tira de Dones and many of the local banks are painted in purple with phrases such as: «Sóc i seré que vulga ser». A philosophy that Marta applied with full right. «Marta, like so many young people, wanted to move with the freedom provided by social networks and met, by chance, with the person who made her disappear. Marta is the 56th victim of this year because of sexist violence, ”Estivella City Council said in a statement, which continues:“ The justification of violence questioning the victim's own behavior cannot be allowed in our society . We can never justify the aggressors and the murderers. The only person responsible for such an act is always the murderer ».

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Since November 9 - when the disappearance of the young woman was reported - there has not been a day when Marta is not named in Estivella. "These are difficult days, because there is always a novelty," says another neighbor, about to enter the bakery. «The television cameras have been here. This has never been seen, ”he laments, since he believes that the priority“ must always be respect for the family ”. «People talk about Marta, but the people here try to be discreet. The family is having a very bad time ». Marta's two grandmothers live in Estivella, as do her father and her brother. According to these same sources, "they are dismayed." They leave from time to time, but when asked about the case, they cannot avoid shedding a tear.

Marta's mother, on the other hand, lives in Albalat dels Tarongers. There the girl lived a season, until she moved to Valencia, the place where she planned to develop her professional career and open up to a world of possibilities. As soon as he moved to the city, little was known about Marta.

Her continuous changes of image - she was passionate about fashion and cosmetics - made some neighbors not recognize her when she went to town. A facet of his personality that he began to develop already in the institute, in Sant Antoni Abad de Gilet and later, in the San Vicente Ferrer de Sagunt school. In fact, some classmates remember that teachers scolded the young woman for putting on too much makeup. But it was in vain. «Marta had a lot of personality. He knew perfectly well what he liked and what he didn't and didn't care what others thought, ”says his former partner.

It was in Valencia where the young woman forged her most intimate friendships, who remember her as "the princess of the big smile." In the city she worked as a saleswoman and waitress. She was always surrounded by people and frequented the discos of the city, where she listened to songs from two of her favorite singers, Rosalia and Ozuna.

«It was for good and for bad»

The word "independent" is the one most pronounced by those who knew Marta closely. "It was for good and for bad," says a neighbor, who also prefers to remain anonymous. In fact, according to this same source, the young woman used to be absent for days. That is why her relatives were not alarmed when they heard nothing from Marta days after the young woman visited Manuel, where she met with Jorge PJ Estivella's hopes are placed in the search teams, the only ones able to shed light on what What happened to Marta.


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